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Senior Don Juan
Sep 22, 2019
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I have noticed some generational differences on different topics, one of them is friends or friendship. The younger forum members don't seem to find value in friendships. In my opinion one of the reasons for this is that in the manosphere we preach self reliance, don't be needy and we seem to be very black and white about most concepts with little to no nuance. Men complain that women are not loyal, well how can you get women to be loyal to you if you can't even get other men to be loyal to you? Men complain that women are not honest, again how can you get women to be honest with you if you can't get men to be honest with you. The greatest achievement that I have had with women is that I have had them be loyal and honest with me, as anyone that has been around this forum and women in general can see getting women to spread their legs for you is not very difficult. You follow a basic recipe of be attractive don't be unattractive be physically near her and sex "just happens". Look at "****y and funny", it is just busting someones balls. I do that naturally not just to men but to women and I developed that first with my guy friends, we would bust each others balls in the most merciless ways possible. PUA game from what I have seen is basically trying to teach guys things that they should have developed while growing up and interacting with other guys. How are you going to be able to figure out if a women is worth your investment in her if you haven't developed the ability to figure out if another dude is worthy of your friendship. I have 7 very close friends and they are the survivors of my friendship hunger games. OF all the other dudes that I went to school with worked with played sports with and against and hung out with they are the only 7 that were worthy of my friendship. One of the younger members said something to the effect of the measure of a man is how many women he has had and how much money he has amassed. First thing is this thinking puts women on a pedestal and makes them your mission instead of what should be your real mission, which should be growing into the best version of you. Money is great I am one of moneys greatest fans but money doesn't even know that you exist. For you to be a complete human friendship is one of its requirements, not bullshiit friendship but real authentic friendship.


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