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Friend posed as a different person, stalked girl


Don Juan
May 11, 2010
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We're roommates. I found out about this through a mutual friend who happens to know the girl. So he was messaging this girl on Tinder. They had a couple quick back and forths, and nothing come out of it. He created a different account with different pictures and started messaging her again. She agreed to grab a drink at the bar thinking it was a different guy. He walked up to her in the bar and said "I have the control, not you."

This seems completely out of character for him, so I was skeptical. One night I grabbed his phone and looked through his Google history. He's searched this girls name on three different search engines, her Facebook, etc.

What's weird is I've roomed with him for two years and never seen this kind of behavior. He comes off completely normal. Good looking, dresses well, very outgoing.

I prefer to not get involved, but I'm feeling pressure from this mutual friend.


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