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FreeBSD who used it?


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Master Don Juan
Nov 16, 2011
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Land of slow.
From looks of it. Best thing it has is miff tv. I've been using something similar through fire tv stick. Somewhat cheaper if you use Sportztv app. Sign up and you're back in 2005 with a direct tv card writer. International tv channels plus selection of films not availible without signing into every streaming service in existence. You could wait for bsd 12.1
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Nov 2, 2011
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i only do windows
What's up. How's your boy?

Linux turns your computer into cyber weapon. Try jamming wifi using windows. FreeBSD is not linux, it's a bit more cliche, Mac and PS4 are both dirivatives of FreeBSD, they could have been derivatives of Linux, if the license permited it. It's just a thing to have on a separate nout or net book. With windows you running compiled code, and you have no idea what it does. A while back nsa released an entire hacking suite for windows. You are target if you using windows, to say the least. It feels dirty every time I log onto it.