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Free time - created a SoSuave meme (irony for those with a sense of humor)

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Feb 24, 2010
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Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction. sosuave4.jpg
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Feb 5, 2016
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When a member disagrees and grows frustrated with the mods, or a specific mod, it's expected that they might make a comment or two to publicly voice their concern or opinion. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with a moderator or the moderating team...

However, when an individual continually goes out of their way to take indirect shots at them on multiple occasions, even discreetly, they are demonstrating antagonistic behaviour. If a single member (in this case, a moderator) is repeatedly on the other end of this behaviour, this is called harassment. Harassment is against the forum rules.

Being subtle with your harassment does not make said harassment immune to the rules. This includes masquerading your harassment towards a particular moderator as a humour thread in good faith when you know it's not.

If you have an issue with someone in particular, PM them and work it out. If it’s with the moderators in general, add us all to a PM conversation, and let’s work it out.

Per the Forum Rules:
* If you insult, harass, or disrespect any member of this forum, you will be banned from the forum.
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