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Flattering Things Your Ex Did


Senior Don Juan
Apr 26, 2019
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During our 4 years we had never really had a break up go longer than 2 weeks, until one went three months. She wrote me a hand written letter and gave it to me during our next reconcile, because I guess 3 months in those days seemed real. I never read it and eventually got rid of it. Another time during after a hot-cold recycle she got a tattoo on her foot as a tribute to me. I reckon it was incredibly painful.

Of course 18 months have passed since, so this one was for real. But I wonder if the banshee will ever show up again because let's face it, despite all the "sociopaths" on this forum who feel the need to reply to these kinds posts telling people they "don't care", we all love that type of sh*t from an ex deep down. And this one was the only one who would act this way out of the girls I dated.

On a side note, I am so tired of the guys on this forum acting like they've never received a rush of oxytocin from a woman because they're just so damn alpha. Usually they come to threads like these to ask "why do you care?"
I care af. I miss my ex every day. It’ll almost be 2 years soon. We were together 6. I originally joined this forum to “get her back” lol damn near impossible. I shoulda married that idiot.

Sneaky Pete

Don Juan
Oct 18, 2017
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My ex recently called me, said she had a Christmas present for me and to stop by. It was one heck of present alright. I wished she would have swallowed my cvck like that when we dated.


Don Juan
Jun 8, 2020
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She bought me a ticket to visit her in morocco, then got pissed when she saw me together with another woman and blocked me on facebook. Got a nice letter in the mail from here that had all recipes of the favorite foods she used to make for me. Couscous, Bastilla and Harissa, and lentil soup. All family recipes too, I plan on making them for my son in the future.


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