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First date flake. How to respond


Don Juan
Oct 17, 2010
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Im gunna call again at beggining of next week...last ditch effort haha

women haze

Senior Don Juan
Jun 20, 2009
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Yeah Ok is on point!!!!...and Is chickfight really a female, I believe that Chickfight is actually a chick.


Senior Don Juan
Oct 29, 2010
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I think OK's analysis is pretty spot on, but moof posted this thread, not for us to tell him what he already did wrong and it's hopeless, but for us to give him the best possible advice to salvage the situation.
Right now, I don't think it's salvageable, because she's ignored him twice. It would only be detrimental to try to contact her again. If you really like this girl and still want a chance with her, the only way would be to move on, not contact her and try to get an equally or hotter girl and hope she finds out about it. If you manage to do this though, I don't even see why you would want her anymore.
Move on and consider it a learning experience :)

BTW, I'm not a chick :/


Master Don Juan
Nov 25, 2009
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How do you respond to a flake?

You found a Fortune 500 corporation and become a self-made billionaire.


Don Juan
Oct 17, 2010
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So i did try calling again got her voice mail.. But then a couple hours later she text back saying

her: (my name)!! im at my aunts for tgiving and just looked at my phone!!!! im sorry!
Me: Heyy no big. so how come the name on ur voicemail says (her nick name that i didnt know)
her: ahhaha because in highschool blah blah blah
Me: Ha ok, that threw me off at first. So im stayin at (mutual friends house in the same town). are you out of town for the rest of break?

No response

So next day i did something a little wrong by texting her out of the blew

"Im going to be at (college campus) tuesday and wednesday. You need to come hangout with me one of those nights!

(only reason i allowed an option here, is because she has night classes and i dont know her schedule)

No response ( 6 hours in)

Already i know what i did wrong here.
-texted twice
-should have went right to hangout in previous conversation
-texted a hangout proposal out of the blew without an opener first

Now before i called initially and she didnt pick up i texted her roomate saying well i tried calling twice, its on her now. She told me that she gets drunk a lot and loses her phone and always leaves it in the charger. I was not initially going to make this second call, but she convinced me to give it another go.

Now im wondering where i am. I know this wasnt the proper way to move things along with my texting, especially the most recent. Normally i would just Next.

But im going to do one last move. Call her on monday. I know that this may be AFC, but i really dont have much to loose. Im not super desperate for this girl, she is cute but she would be on the lower end of my resume.

Thoughts? would another call be super red falgged?


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If you know you were making mistakes why continue doing these mistakes?

This was finished the moment you decided to put her on the backburner and focus solely on one girl.

You need to keep all of your options open, because you never know what's around the corner.

You keeping texting? Why? Call her, it's more personal and shows you are confident. When making first impressions you want to show you are fun and confident. You want to show an air unpredictability, texting is what most men do! Be different.

Just learn from your mistakes and go and find someone who is interest, because this girl isn't.