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Field reports


Senior Don Juan
Sep 21, 2005
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Sofia, Bulgaria
Let me ask you something: How much time passed since the last time you saw a good FR? How much since you wrote one?

What does that mean? No one approaches? Of course not. But it seems to me everyone except the wining uber-AFCs is so embarassed about how infrequent and boring their actual approaches are, that they never write about them. Hell, it's always easier to write a tip about how it SHOULD be done. After all, you didn't do it perfect, so it's not educational. You know your mistakes so you don't need feedback. Why post?

Dead wrong.

FRs are good because they are REAL. They prove, beyond the shadow of a doubth, that someone out there actually does something and it gives results. When you go somewhere and you hesitate, asking yourself "is it appropriate to do that", you can say "hey, this other dude did it, so it must be". It's a lot better than "hey, this other dude SAID it is OK, so... i suppose he's right, isn't he?"

But the fact that they are real is not enough for a good FR. Here are some other thoughts on what makes a good and meaningful report:

1. FRs are something that happens in the field and can be repeated. Something that begins with "This girl I know for 3 years...." is not an FR. It's a biography.
2. Good FRs are short and to the point. What was the situation, what did you do, why did you do it (if you think it was the right thing to do, otherwise don't bother), what was the result. Things that were irrelevent to the pick-up have no place in the report and waste everyone's time.
3. It's not about you. No one really cares or should care about who you are and how good you did. The important thing in the report is the situation. If you think something about you was important in this situation, say it. Otherwise leave it.

If anyone has other thoughts on writing good FRs please share it. But please, please do write the reports! The quality of the discussion in the "DJ Discussion" section is... well, lets say it can use some improvement.:eek: :nono: :trouble: