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Don Juan
Aug 31, 2018
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Rarely see any FR's on this forum anymore so thought id post one

Approach 1
In a bar and a girl is taking photos of her friends. I tap her on the shoulder

me: ''You're friends always make you the designated photo taker?''

her: ''haha...thinking about it, it is always me taking the photos!''

me: ''that sucks. Do they at least tag you in them on facebook?''

her: ''NO! I have to do it myself like a loner ''

me: Lets find you some new friends tonight.

her'' haha''

me: Where are you going tonight?''

her: My boyfriend is taking me out for a meal later, but gonna be here until he gets here''

me: Oh. Boyfriend?! (made a pretend super sad face. She laughed and touched me on the shoulder)

her: Awww...what sort of girl are you hoping to meet tonight? what willl she look like

me: Like you!! but with blonde hair! (this girl was brunette)


At this point, some massive guy (not her boyfriend) completely cut in between us, and started talking to her. i think he was a friend. It was a bit awkward and rude. It was purposely rude lol. But i didn't feel lke doing anything about it, since I could tell she wasn't interetsed anyway, so I just craned around him and said ''I gotta get back to my friends, see ya later''

Approach 2
There was this really pretty girl standing quite near me. Just my type. Gorgeous eyes, and young. She has a fur coat on.

''Hey! - I like your coat. Looks real!'' She said ''I don't know if it's real or not' tbh'' but she was clearly a bit shocked about being approached like all UK girls.

I asked her where she was going that night and who she was with and stuff, but she barely answered, and I didn't feel as though she gave me anything to 'work with'. Her bodylanguage was saying 'i'm not into you and I don't know you!! Go away' haha

I asked her name she gives it but doesn't ask mine and looks away from me again.

I thought i'd try the old 'make assumptions' thing, and guessed what her job might be based on her look. Made a few ''cold reads'' She just said like 'nope'.

However, as is always the case with unattracted girls, she didn't ask me anything back which makes having a 'conversation' very difficult. Talking too a brick wall. I tried to plow a little with some more cold reads and a little push-pull line or 2, but she still wasn't talking back/biting

Soon after she just moved away from me about 6 foot and looked around like she was trying to find a friend so I decided to leave her alone.

Approach 3
In a different bar, and a girl standing with a friend had a red coat on. I just smiled at her and said ''Hey, You look like little red riding hood in that coat'' (James Tusk style opener). She was very hostile straight away, and said something like ''what do you want?!! You don't even know me'' with an attitude. Usually I try to see if I can at least practice to see if I can 'turn' these sorts of girls, but I just couldn't be bothered on this occasion and I turned my back to her as she was in mid-sentence, going off on me.

Approach 4 - kissssssssssssssssssssssss
There was a girl with gorgeous eyes and a pretty face. Probably about 18. Lots younger than me

I just walked upto her and said ''You! Who are you?!'' She smiled and said, ''why do you want to know who I am?'' and I said ''Because I think you're ****ing cute'' She laughed and said ''thanks!'' I asked her who she was with, but we got separated a few seconds later. I think one of her friends pulled her away. BUT then a fewminutes later she walked back over to me, we danced in silence for a few seconds, and then we kissed! But almost straight away she said 'i'll be back in 2 seconds' and tehn she disappeared forever

Approach 5
In a club now and my very good looking friend has joined us. Girls are staring at him. We go on the dancefloor together, and dance. Just me and him. Neither of us can really dance, but we are in time (have rhythm) and are just having fun.

Every few minutes, a girl will come over and flirt with my friend. He is not really interested as he has a stunning GF and doesn't want to cheat on her. He just smiles at the girls.

Now a group of 3 girls come over, and all of them are kind of circling him. One is trying to touch his chest and tell him he's handsome and laying it on pretty thick with him lol

They're obviously close to me too, so I try some sort of RSD 'hand of god' type thing on one of them, and extend my hand for her to take, but she looks at me and shakes her head and says ''we like your friend!!!''

Was worth a try lol. Me and my friend go back to the bar

Approach 6
Open a very hot young girl near the bar and just say 'hi' and smile. She looks at me like an Alien lol. She's about to spin around and I quickly tell her 'it's OK, i'm not crazy. I just thought you were cute and wanted to say 'hi''. She's like ''Errrrr....ok?'' lol. I ask her waht she's up too and she just says 'night out with my frineds'. I ask what the occasion is and she says 'none'. I make a cold read based on her look and comment on her 'fiesty' expressions (something ToddV does lots). She doesn't really react. I ask her how she knows her friends an she says 'school' and I try to riff a little about what school she want too and stuff and accuse her of being from a certain school around here which is known to be 'trouble' as a way to kind of neg/tease her. I ask what she does for fun and then cold read her. She still isnt' really contributing at all. I feel like I could try to stick in set more here, but it would be kind of pointless. Feel like i'm wasting my time and i'm just not her type so I eject soon after

Approach 7
There was this pretty girl walking slowly in front of me. I walked past her and then looked back and smile and said ''Hey! what's up!'' She smiled and said her feet hurt. I said ''want a piggy back!!?'' she surprised me and said yes, lol. So I said, "go on then, jump on! She got on my back and I walked her a minute down the road to the cab rank, lol. Can't remember what we spoke about. When I put her down, I tried to talk to her some more, but then my really handsome friend from earlier shouted over towards me about how he was getting money out from teh ATM machine or something. She saw him and told me she fancies him and then she shouted ''You're hot! come and talk to me'' and then she opened him and asked him questions and then tried to kiss him. They kissed briefly but he pulled away. She asked him if he wanted to share a cab with her! (bang). He declined (he has a hot GF). She was cute, though!


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