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fell for it

dark god

Don Juan
Jun 13, 2009
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I need a real beat down! I was a member here for years after my divorce, played games with plates, learned a lot. The last few years I've focused on other things, new job, my kid, the house.
Dropped out of dating, didn't miss it. Now the last few months I've fallen into orbit of the biggest attention whre I've ever known. And the worst part is I saw it coming.
Twenty years younger than me, solid 8. So many red flags, multiple orbiters. Every day she pressed into me for a hug, says I love you. Never leaves me alone, constantly has her hands on me. Convinced myself I could handle it. I know how this works, right? I don't want a relationship, I can keep it arms length and enjoy it for whatever it is. Today she hugged some guy she hasn't seen in ages, and I knew.... I'm screwed. 47 year old beat by a 25 year old kid.

Ffs, I'm going window shopping on match for a chick to break orbit with...
Are you sleeping with this woman? and If you're not seeing her then why are you hanging out with her? You know shes an attention ***** with orbitors and you just signed up to be another? You say her hands are always on you, I hope they are down your pants Instead of bull**** Kino thats not going anywhere. More details my man.


Senior Don Juan
Jun 13, 2016
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So how does she feel about all the other women giving YOU attention? Is she threatened?

Where is your abundance?