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Master Don Juan
Dec 6, 2015
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Hoe County, California
Here we go:


Poonani Maker

Master Don Juan
Apr 29, 2007
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you KNOW these Swindlers (exponentially higher levels of SWINDLING since Swindling went on in the 1920s, and even before that by Presidents of the United States - for instance, President Harding bootlegging liquor out of a house when alcohol was made illegal (by women mainly) - Read "A New American History" by William E. Woodward to discover the ongoing Graft and Swindling since the Beginning of America. Mainly at the beginning was swindling of land grants and deeds and selling land when a person didn't even Own it, devaluing money paid to war vets, but then raising the value of it when they told their (((European))) investors to "come on over to America and buy up all these war vets' worthless Continental dollars cause we's about to honor it and make it whole soon!" The vets were using their dollars for fire tinder it was so worthless) are pocketing the money or today they're just entering 1s followed by 3 zeros followed by a comma, followed by 3 zeros, followed by a comma and on and on EVERY DAY Straight IN to THEIR accounts, right? This has been going on reported or unreported for quite some time. Of course, it's easy to have all the boats and jets and multiple million dolla homes spread out across the world when you're in the Tribe or club (those who sell out our RACE).

This has been going on for a LONG time, but today it is Exponentially WORSE, like to the millionth power of 10 worse. Look up Traunches that these insurance companies do not even HAVE the money to back you in an event of a catastrophe just dreamed up outta thin air. Only the select few, the Tribe, can just set up an insurance company and tell you to pay them money for a policy when they do not even have the money THEMSELVES to back it up. Traunches or Tranches? Anyway, They are Entering 1s and 0s into their OWN accounts, and no one even bats an eye. Right before 911 $4 trillion was "Lost," or "misplaced," yeah right, and the planes hit the towers and everybody forgets. They just "lost" trillions AGAIN here recently, but hey, they OWN the media too so blackout there, AND blackout on Espstein and his accomplice Maxwell (?) who now resides over there in Israel for protection cause that's where all this is comin from. We live in an alternate universe. It's Genocide (soon).
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