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Facebook Tips


Senior Don Juan
Aug 21, 2005
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This month I have gotten 5 numbers from college aged girls ranging from HB 8-10. Using simple FB exchanges all while working a 50hr work. With that said here are some tips I have compiled that may save you some time.

Tip 1. Cold approaching girls Via facebook Is a total shot in the dark. And in order to consistently get numbers you must be In a position of High value. Club Promoter ect. Or Model like looks. Both which I'm not. Even then you will spend countless hours writing messages and spamming people. This is a waste of your time and there time.

Tip 2. Only use Facebook as a Buffer, Examples you go out to a house party or social event. Your target is surrounded the whole time and you cant get her isolated to get a number.

Tip 3. Use Call Back Humor: Something funny or wacky that she can relate to the night. Use some form of this to open the girl via facebook if you could not get her number.

Tip 4. This goes into tip 3 if you do not have a very high value profile then Message the girl but do not add her make sure your privacy is locked so no one can view your profile unless they are your friends. Your profile can make or break if she actually gives you her number if it sucks She Is better off never knowing whats in it. (Edit: Make sure you have a clear picture of yourself that is easy to tell who you are but lock your wall and info for friends only)

Tip 5. Keep it simple, Other then a smiley after a line that may be viewed as ****y. do not use any other emoticons. Also You should ask for the number around the 3rd to 6th Fb message exchange and when you Do just Say "Whats your number".

Tip 6. The interactions should be geared with a purpose for the next meetup. This sets up A simple and easy transition from FB message to Text message. For example
This girl went around the party by labeling them as breeds of dogs. so I opend with
ME: Whats up shiatsu thought your where funny last night.
Her: lol beagle right? I dont think the buzzlight year look alike thought so.
Me:He'll get over its :) whats your number?
Her: blah blah blah Txt Me :)

Transition to Phone 14 hours later
Me: Omg i just saw a lady who looks like a poodle!
Her: LOL beagle! haha

After a few exchanges I set up the next meet

Tip 7: I stopped using this one But this is perfect for someone who just arrives to a new town and has no social circle to speak of. Create a Scout profile with a picture of someone else and mass add girls that are within that town. Use this to Scout popular Places people who may be of use to get into partys ect. You can get A vibe of where hot girls go and who is friends with them. Very sneaky but when you start from the bottom in a place with no friends you start somewhere. This also Helps keep you from being the creepy guy no one knows who adds people and seems more natural when you do meet new people.
Jan 20, 2014
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New Jersey.
Good **** man. I posted something like this but it well sucked im not to good with words on a computer :/
Anyway this is what i did at my school i have a mixed rep im a **** but im also popular because i can be polite but kids these days have no sense of humor so **** it. Back to the story. This girl randomly said to me how do you get your hair so beautiful. I said idk how do you get your hair so beautiful? She turned bright red, i later pmed her on facebook saying you really want to know? I never did tell her actually ;) i just avoided it haha i got the number after a few minutes of talking. Hung out with her the next day too.got some good kino and all but after that someone told her that i just want to **** her. Well that was my fault for telling people lmfao but i really could care less.


Senior Don Juan
Mar 6, 2008
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Just beyond reach
Or, you could just work on becoming an interesting person with an interesting FB profile that you don't need to hide. How do plan on her not discovering that you are not very interesting once you have to come out from behind the social media curtain? Just food for thought.

If I were to message a girl on FB, which I wouldn't because I finally found a great girl, and I dont like FB, I would simply say, "Hey I came across your profile because we both know "Sarah -any name" and we seem to have some common interests. I'm really surprised we haven't met yet. Take a look at my profile sometime, you'll see what i'm talking about. Anyway, have a great day. I'm gonna go jump some waves on my jet ski and take a nap. Ciao. Mistic


Senior Don Juan
May 9, 2013
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Mistic said:
Anyway, have a great day. I'm gonna go jump some waves on my jet ski and take a nap. Ciao. Mistic
NEVER say something like this. it will come across as fishing for validation, from which she will understand you place yourself below her, which will turn her off.
girls have a nose for sniffing out bragging and seeking for validation, which are beta traits.
just my 2 cents on this.


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New Member
Apr 9, 2014
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Great tips. I like direct approah, don't like to waste my and her time, so after few exchanges I ask for number or date (coffie/drink). ;)