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Experiences with Hair Transplants?


Master Don Juan
Jun 5, 2017
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Hey brothers,

Another thread mentioned this somewhat in passing (thanks to the brother that passed this information along), but I wanted to get more information.

What's been your experience with hair transplants?

First hand experience would obviously be preferable, but a close buddy's experience would be helpful too.

Here's what I want to know:

1. What company/provider/doctor did you use?

2. How did they do the surgery? Pull from existing hair on the back of your head or something else?

3. Was there a scar?

4. Are you glad you got it done/Was it worth it?

5. Can anyone tell you got a hair transplant?

6. How much did it cost?

Before getting a hair transplant I would try to improve other areas of your life, physical shape, finances, game. Once you excel in those areas and if you still feel like you need it then go for it but not until then.