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Ex wife having a baby


Don Juan
Sep 28, 2019
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Ex gets knocked up with dude she got to know while I took care of the kids. Theyre ‘engaged’....She’s due tomorrow. My kids are all excited but i could give a sh:/. I’m trying not to be too ehh about the whole thing but also not confuse my kids.
She told me today to not tell the kids about her news of having it, then my oldest asks me why I didn’t tell her mommy’s news. Having to explain her mom told me not to is a waste of my life.
Any tips? I feel my kids world is gonna forever change and they got no idea.


Master Don Juan
Jan 14, 2018
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Somewhere where's it's none of your business
Just tell ur kids that's not biologically their brother or sister, that is all a lie cooked up by mommy to think it's their kid sibling.

The Y chromosome doesn't undergo fusion and will remain the same, from father to daughter to son. Ur son in turn will pass off the same Y chromosome to their kids.

The X chromosome on the other hand is a fusion between, ur mother (through you), ur kids mother and her mother. Since it's a fusion, it cannot be the same. Ur kids X chromosome is not even the same as theirs mother's.

Nice huh?

Just tell ur kids this truth and not the feminine make believe fantasy.