Ex texted me after 1 month of NC!


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Jan 12, 2013
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To make thing's easy to understand and to help you better understand my situation.

We've been together for 1.5 year's and it was a very strong relation, she loved me dearly more then her any thing, even gave up her most important thing (Cannot tell it due to some reasons) for me. All was well but then as it happens with everyone, i felt she's distant, i confessed, i argued, and complaint over and over again until finally she gave these lines " I need some space ".

Instead of giving the space, we had a fight over this, i was totally a pure AFC. Fight turned into abuses and then we both went NC. Totally cut off from each other.

Then i bought a ex2 system, check it here: http://www.exgirlfriendguru.com (Moderators can remove the link if needed, sorry if it wasn't allowed to post it here)

It's an ebook about how to get back with ex girl friend, using some phsychlogical techniques, and the most important step is to go NC for at least a month.

Well it's been 1 month and 15 day's, today she finally texted me. "Are you there?" - That was the text.

I replied 3 hour's later "Yeah i am"

Then we talked, just simple how are you, how is life going and all, then she got more into conversation, told me about how much thing's happened in my absense and all the stuff.

We both had a great and friendly conversation, then finally i guess i did a small mistake. Here are original texts:

Me: What do you think about making thing's work again and give our relation another chance? Aniway's it's upto you.
She: No sorry, i just wanted to chat with you.
She: Maybe yes ...
Me: Well do not act double minded, make one dicision then stick to your one dicision.
She: Actually i don't know so talk about something else.

And then topic changed, finally after 2 hour's of chat, she had to goto college so we ended conversation.

What do you guy's think, is the situation still hopeless or are there chances? That's the only thing i wanted to know as all of you're very experienced people here.

Other then the chat i gave you above, i talked very confidentally and totally acted as if i'm moved on already. No more feeling's etc.

Your idea's will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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Jan 17, 2013
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"What do you think about making thing's work again and give our relation another chance? Aniway's it's upto you"

after a month of no contact, you said something like that, ah I feel bad for you man, then you demand that she makes up her mind...

You didn't talk confidently, these are texts man. Your first text is asking her if shes ok with a second chance, you shouldn't have asked that, in fact don't bring the relationship up, you have left the ball in her court, if you want you can ask her to join you in doing something and get into a real conversation and see where it leads.

Don't text yourself back into a relationship

The fact that you bought a book and know that its been a month and 15 days already tells me you care way too much about this chick and that is why you will fail, you can use psychological techniques all you want but your true colors will show, I'm gonna go with move on and find someone else, if you want to give this relationship another shot then do so but be sure to know when to walk away, this could hurt you man


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Jul 25, 2012
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why did you waste 2 hrs of your time in a chat that was going nowhere? what did you get out of it? Nothing, no signs of interest, no sexual talk, nothing.
She should bring up the relationship topic, not you, mike is 100% right. Now she validated herself, she knows she has power on you and you're there without anything in your hands.
NC and find other girls.


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Jul 13, 2012
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Ex s normally do text after about a month of Nc if they dumped you.

It's a pattern, nothing special here.

They miss you a bit and put out feelers to see if you miss them - you break Nc and give them the ego boost.

a better reply to " are you there"

Is "who is this? Mary?" (Or some other girls name that isn't your ex)

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