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Ex sending mixed signals


Master Don Juan
Nov 2, 2014
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Been broken up four months. We were together 9 years. It was my fault, I got caught having an affair. First couple of months she would send me pictures of us, tell me I needed to face what I did (I did), that she lost me forever and whenever I reached out she would ask me what my intentions were, am I trying to get back together (which I wasn't at the time). She gave me her new address at one point and I went to drop some of her stuff off and she invited me in to watch a movie, was very happy. Wanted to have sex, I declined since she was on her period. Wouldn't let me leave, etc. Eventually left then the next day she texted me to tell me last nights offer was a mistake and would never happen again. NOTE THAT SHE HAS LEFT ALL HER STUFF HERE AND HAS NOT COME TO GET IT. SHE HAS RESCHEDULED SEVERAL TIMES AND HAS NOT BROUGHT UP COMING TO GET ANYTHING SINCE.

So yesterday I reached out to her, asked if we could talk in person, she sent a flurry of texts saying we are never getting back together, crying, emotional. Then she video calls me. We chat for an hour. She shows me a nighty she bought. So I end up inviting myself over to her place. She was kind of no at first. Then that turned to I have to be to work early. Long story short she said I had to leave my house soon if we were going to do it. So I went over and we had sex, she asked me if I missed her, if I missed her *****, if I was sorry, etc. I said yes. So this morning she calls me to tell me (like she did last time) that last night was just sex and we are never getting back together.

So why then keep inviting me over for sex then say it's never happening again each time, asking her if I miss her, if I was sorry, etc. if never getting back? Why leave all her stuff at my house and keep rescheduling coming to get it then stop bringing it up? We are talking 20+ large boxes of her stuff.


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