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Ex GF wants everything, what do i do?


Don Juan
Nov 13, 2021
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Talk to a lawyer to see if legally she can force you to pay child support even though they're not yours, also since you two lived together they might be seen as common law marriage.

If you don't have to pay child support, take half of the stuff and sell them cause those are legally yours too if they lawyer says it can be consider common law marriage, ask for your ring back and sell it. Then move the fvck out, it was a good thing that happened before you having kids with her, or legally got married.

She's done as a single mom with 2 lol and you have a good life ahead of you, she will beg you to come back after some time, don't cave, now you know you've been the beta and are at the lowest, now the only way is up from now on.


Apr 21, 2018
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Bridgeport, CT
So this is my first time posting, reading through the rational male right now. I have basically always been a beta and finally coming to terms with the term nice guys finish last. I was with my ex gf for the past 3 years, I started seeing her after her divorce and have done literally everything for her. We moved into our place 2 years ago (we are both on the lease).
Now after I have given her everything she wanted and taking care of her 2 boys like they were my own, she just ends it. She tells me she just needs space and time and if I give her a couple months she will want me back. Now even though she denys it started before she broke up with me she expects me to leave our place and let her keep it because of her boys. While I love her still like a fool, I enjoy our place and don't want to leave. She says if I make her and the boys leave she will never talk to me again, a part of me though believes she's already to move on and replace me at our place with this guy. I spent the past 2 years turning this place into a home, inside and out; spending my own money while she did nothing. I originally found the condo which is on a river, and it's everything I could possibly want; I was even going to be starting a fishing guide service from the house. Now after she broke it up she expects me to pack up and leave everything I did so she can live her best life. Do I make it hell, and get her to leave or do I just abandon everything I've done here and start back at the bottom? She is also a narcissist so basically has tried to turn everything around on me when I asked her to leave, from calling me selfish, childish, only thinking about myself. While mind you the week before she ended it I took her boys snow tubing one day we get home it's time to put them to bed. The next day she wants to get drinks after work so she asks me to put them to bed and she'll be home, and then the day after her son was sick so he could've go to school and of course I watched him even though it was the ex husband's day but he had to work. Then the next day she breaks it off.
Walk away dude and never look back. Stop dating/fvcking baby mammas. Not worth the hassle unless your @BackInTheGame78