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Everyone here should read the book “The Shallow Man” by Coerte V. W. Felske


Don Juan
Apr 28, 2022
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It’s a book about a guy in New York who’s a club promoter, who’s only mission in life is to sleep with models, whom he nicknames as “Thing”. He goes around searching for models to talk to and sleep with. Later in life he realizes that models have made him unhappy and he wish he had focused on his life more. Not only is this a really funny book, it’s also an important reminder for all of us to not make women the center of our lives. I especially related heavily to it as I am struggling with this as well. I’d recommend everyone read this book as it teaches important lessons while also being funny.

Edit: Also give this a read. It’s a old Sex and the City column in the New York Observer (before it became a TV show) about “modelizers” and guys who bed models, which inspired the SATC episode “Models and Mortals”. In the last sentence one of the guys says that models have “****ed up my life”. Interesting stuff.