Every single one of you is an abuser of women

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Oct 20, 2006
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I'm reporting this one too. Let's see what happens ;)
I came to the realization that SS is going the way of the US - it's collapsing under the weight of too many single moms and their entitled offspring who have yet to generate $1 of wealth for the world. And it's backed by Feminist-leaning political leaders who are granting these pathetic, underemployed, Marxist SJW's their safe spaces. I suppose a Trigger Warning button is forthcoming.

I'm blocking @ImTheDoubleGreatest, as he is good for nothing but antagonizing members until they respond and then weeping to his mommy (I don't mean @sazc but that too). Double will one day realize that as a male (I'm being kind) he was born with ZERO intrinsic value. This emotional sleigh ride of his on SS has been about him coming to that stark realization: that all the crap he overheard his mother saying to her friends only applied to women (and in their case decades ago). Namely the part about intrinsic value. Women are born rich and die poor. Men are born poor and (if they can ever work a day) grow rich.

The idea that this is a man, yet one who routinely reports members who say innocuous things is a testament to his lack of testosterone. Good riddance, little boy.

His attempt to ensure that any advice given on SS by successful men in their 40's must universally apply to high school virgins failed.
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