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Eureka, I finally understand the way to success.

Moon Ram

Don Juan
Apr 29, 2007
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I have found the key to be successful. So far, I have read hundreds of autobiographies & inspirational books. I also have three relatives who are very successful in life, one of them even owns a chain store. I have interviewed them a lot of times. At that time I hadn't understood what they were trying to say. Tonight, I was thinking about the reasons why they became so successful in life and it suddenly hit me. Now I can easily summarize the reasons in two short sentence.
1. They dreamt big.
2. they pursued their dreams.
Dreaming big
Everything starts with a dream. The people who are successful had a dream. But their dream was no normal dream. They dreamt something which was considered impossible at that time. There was many obstacles in their way. But still they had the courage to keep on dreaming. As time passed, they gradually added details to that dream. They didn't give up on their dreams even though they had no talent, money, environment to fulfill their seemingly impossible dream.
Pursuing their dreams at any cost
After they had the dream, they woke up. now there was no time to day-dream about it. they had to turn that dream into reality no matter what. They knew that they had many obstacles in their way. But these obstacles did not discourage them. They faced the obstacles bravely. At first they were not strong enough to defeat the obstacles. Rather, these obstacles kept defeating them. But they did not give up. They kept on trying, they tried different things to defeat the obstacles, to get near the goal, to make the dream a reality. They had to sacrifice a lot of things to get near the goal. At first, when they were being beaten by the obstacles, the normal people saw them as losers, they said words of discouragement to them. But these did not cause them to doubt their dreams. Rather it made them more determined to reach the goal. Finally they started to overcome some obstacles. The momentum then started, few successes became innumerable successes in no time. Gradually their dreams became their reality. Thus they became successful.
Dreams are easy to dream but a few people really chase after those dreams. and of that few, most give up when they were defeated by the very first obstacle. As more obstacle come in there way, out of the handful only 1 or 2 people remain. they are the ones that we think are successful. They may had to pursue their dreams for 5 years or maybe 10 years, but they did not loose the sight of their goals. The rest, who were not able to cope with the obstacles remains in the sidelines or in the dark. But the successful were not able to reach their goal without sacrificing something. The people who became successful usually sacrifice everything to become successful in life.
It is really weird but I can see that all the great men in history had been trying to tell us these things. They left the truth lying naked for everyone to see. I have been studying the sayings of great man, interviewing 3 successful persons for the last three years and now suddenly out of nowhere I finally understand.


Don Juan
Jul 28, 2008
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But my mommy said I never can become a penguin :'(
I kid ;)

No but seriously, yes it is true. That also why you see alot of hating here in the DJ forum is someone succeeds.


Senior Don Juan
Jul 3, 2007
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Medellin - Colombia
Yeah, because there's nothing more hurtful than failing but watching somebody triumph right where you cant.
btw,Nice mindset there dude, keep it up!