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Early 30s with solid career - Going back to school - Worth it?


Master Don Juan
Dec 10, 2008
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As I mentioned in dm's, i don't think it's worth it, unless you get a masters from a prestigious school. Getting a masters from middle of the pack school not having much experience will be difficult to find a decent paying job in engineering. Most engineering jobs pay low six figures as high as millions but that's for high quality in demand talent. I have friends in mechanical engineering making $200k, software/computer (front end, back end, fullstack, mobile) developers making $250k-$800k, and hardware engineer making $200k.

Then I know of a bunch of people with mediocre grades from mediocre schools with IT and or various engineering backgrounds that make $80-$120k. This is run of the mill type of scenario assuming you will be either top tier talent schooling or non top tier talent schooling. There's always outliers (including myself) that break out of the mold.

2-3 years of schooling, decreased earning potential from lack of a fulltime job, $150k-$200k debt, with a 25-50% increase in salary if you go to a non top tier school or 50%-100%+ increase in salary if you go to a top tier school. I would only go if you could get into a top tier grad school. Otherwise based off the debt you accumulate, the 3-5 years of additional work with no debt and aggressive attitude, you should be able to increase your salary from $100k to $150k+.

Another option is take what your doing now and do it in an industry where you want to be. You get the best of both worlds doing what youre good at and already have experience in, in a field you enjoy.

I took my sales experience, got into blockchain early, worked my way in by doing some gigs for free and developed experience, worked my way into a startup doing growth/sales, got promoted 3 times and led the entire growth and sales department. I went from making $100k range 3 years ago to making $200k+ and just sold our blockchain startup to one of the largest blockchain projects in the world.

I'm probably considered a FIRE and I know many wealthy people that fall into this category. Majority of them work. Money isn't important to them at that point but adding meaning to their existence and life is. Yes, they date around, drive fancy cars, travel, eat fancy food, etc. but if they didn't do something meaningful they'd either run out of money quickly or be bored out of their mind. Just keep working hard, stacking, improving, taking calculated risks, like you're doing now and you shouldn't have to worry about finances in a handful of years from the looks of it.


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Master Don Juan
Jun 28, 2015
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Already make before tax earnings equivalent (BTE) of c. $200k before taxes from my total comp and residuals.

If one of the mathematical modelling interviews I am working on go my way and I land all the property deals I plan this year then that should stretch to a BTE of $250k+

I've secured a top tier uni unconditional offer based on my performance in a coding exam and my CV and prior GPA. Masters is part time which means I can work full time, which is perfect. People say, you make good money now so why bother, but it's never silly to learn new skills and future proof your resume plus machine learning, AI and blockchain are huge areas of personal interest with high earning potential and it's not as if I'd be starting from the bottom.

Worst case scenario I'd come out with a Comp Science masters and I'd now be the "Finance guy who can program". Plenty of Quant roles in this city that could see me making BTE of $300k - $500k+ before 40.


Senior Don Juan
Jan 24, 2016
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You could do a masters.

You could even teach yourself and build projects or even go to a coding bootcamp.

Good luck