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Don't go anywhere when you drunk, my new years resolution


Don Juan
Dec 27, 2020
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It's about 2 hours drive on the bus from my house to appartment, I remember only about 1st hour of that trip. I had fun, bottle of hooch with my friend, and then I was suppose to go back to city. But I had 4 bottles of home made wine with me. I got killed on the bus. How I got home I don't remember. But what is amazing I got home and didn't loose any of my stuff with me or my watch, or gold chains, or my wallet full of money.

If anyone helped me, thank you guys.

It's pay it forward, I too will do the same when I see a drunk on the street.

My god, I just woke up, and I began going through my stuff, looking at my clothes, I didn't even fall. Good wine.

My friend offered me a bear cab. Do you think it's a good idea to take bear cab and go to pubs, I'm thinking I'm going to get approached by a women a lot.

You guys probably don't even realize how happy I am right now!