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oOh Nasty

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Apr 23, 2002
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Indifference from your crowd, social circle, acquaintances, etc. is probably the 2nd worst thing for your SMV (with number one being publicly humiliated for something embarrassing like getting caught jerking off in public). It's better to be notorious rather than unknown. If someone's never heard of you before, then of course, they don't know who you are and are indifferent to you. However, if they are exposed to you or certain aspects of you and they are still indifferent, then I'd like to argue that it is harmful to your SMV. Pretty much in the same vein that an indifferent woman is 10x worse (for your SMV) than an angry or spiteful woman, let me further the idea by saying that it's the same way with your fans.

Maybe I actually do have some slight form of narcissism to think this way and the only evidence I have are from my own observations of others who had the right idea but couldn't quite pull it off. Perhaps my end goal isn't really just the acquiring of women I desire, but rather the conquest of Man in general.

My general idea is that any woman, upon first meeting or learning about you, does not immediately need to want to jump in your pants. She must, however, have an opinion about you. The stronger the opinion, the better. She could either think you're an extreme assh*le or find you to be admirably assertive/aggressive. She should either laugh at your attempts at being the greatest and aiming overly high, or she could secretly quiver at the thought of an underdog like you rising to heights. Either way, she must feel something, because if not, you've just categorized yourself as one of the 95% of irrelevant men.

I imagine that if your SMV is high enough, instead of there being the usual 90% chance that you are irrelevant after an initial conversation, it actually switches up and it ends up being that there's a 90% chance (or more) of you leaving a strong impression, whether bad or good. Why SMV? Because I believe that increasing your SMV to its fullest potential and the confidence from it turns you into someone who cares less, which in turn makes the people who interact with you care more about your approval.

If you have the energy for it, use social media to your advantage. Make sure people either hate you or love you, feeling appalled or feeling like they admire you - no inbetweens. Become the center of chaos and don't give yourself too much time to introspect because that "angel" on your soldier is most likely some kind of simp. Run wild and don't allow yourself to curl up in a ball if/when the world turns against you.


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Oct 22, 2007
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I think you are getting at "reputation." Some guys in a social circle are just considered "Meh" or "blah" in that circle. They aren't hated or considered creepy. They are just in a neutral friendzone of sorts. I would argue that is still slightly better than being in "creeper-zone" because that could get him ostracized from the group, but it's still not a good place to be.

Then such guy says, "Hey, I'm doing the right things. I have a social circle (maybe hobby-related or not), but I'm not getting any women from it." The problem is their reputation is not serving them.