Do you think chicks who wear their hair to emulate the chicks that Ted Bundy killed are just going to extreme lengths to attract a bad boy?


Master Don Juan
Apr 30, 2006
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Ted Bundy after having been put on trial for not just murder, but brutal murder sprees in which at least 30 women died by his hands, had young attractive groupies going as far as to dye their hair brown and wear it parted so as to imitate the type of women that he killed… I’m going to say that again. Young attractive women, dyed their hair, to look like the women that Ted Bundy targeted for murder.
Something deep down in the female psyche wants to be destroyed by a powerful man, No I don’t necessary mean literally, perhaps a better word than destroyed would be..absorbed, but this can range from the traditional housewife who wants a strong dominant man to destroy her metaphorical soul, so she can be alleviated of the burden of having to navigate reality, opting instead of having her independent mind intact, to let her man do all the thinking and all the deciding, all the way to women who literally want to have their real soul, their very lives devoured by charismatic psychopaths.