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Do you think 35 y.o., unmarried alpha-widow (or otherwise super picky) gals tend to be neurotic to the point of needing Rx?


Master Don Juan
Aug 27, 2015
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I still find ridicolous and amusing at the same time how many women 30+ tell me that now "they have higher standards than before" as if they now are in a position to demand and expect more than what they could in their 20s.
Well most do... So she got ran thru 100's of different c0cks. Had her "fun" for zero or damn near zero pay. Now she wants someone to work harder and be more qualified and get LESS output from her. Because after a woman had her "fun", she's not going to let it be earth shattering sex with the solild dude, who wasn't part of her party world.

What totally surprise me instead is that women my age (mid 30s) take for granted while we interact not only that I may be interested in them sexually but that my goal is to settle with them.
Sex first, questions later. At the end of the day, they all have that one guy that they really want. They will put out for that guy while making all the other guys exhibit their "monkey shines" in order to entertain her.

They really think a man in his mid 30s has any interested into committing with a woman his age.
Right!!! When you KNOW who they are and what they are doing.