Do any of you Juice?

Poonani Maker

Master Don Juan
Apr 29, 2007
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or Mix. I've been blending vegetables (celery, granny smith apple, collard greens, cucumber, and apple cider vinegar) EVERY day for about 3 weeks now. I eat other food too, but this comes first before I eat. I use a JusChef mixer off of Amazon (not the "Ninja" as I do not think it pulverizes everything like this one does). I set up shop at my double sink to get it all cleaned after use.

For dessert or before dessert, I'll mix say, watermelon, strawberries, bananas, and milk.

I will say that it has made my grocery bills more expensive, but at least I'm not eating junk anymore (the stuff they claim is good and label as such and such isn't). My skin is vibrant, my energy, my feeling of weather, eyesight (sometimes throw carrots in the veggie drink), mind, and speech. It's kinda hard to tolerate the pulpy taste of the veggie drink but I got used to it. Just don't be a pvssy. The fruit mix is like dessert and tastes very good to sip on. I'm chock-full of vitamins at the moment after 3 weeks of this discipline on top of that no masturbation and only sex the natural way, or eh 70% of the time with condom (most girls won't forgo the condom and quite frankly I know I shouldn't either). Almost coming into a woman is as close as I get to having this ALL come together for perfection in mind, body, and spirit. If I could eat extremely well (vitamins to the max), never masturbate, and fvck and come IN to a woman, at all times then I'd probably be at my maximum every day, every week, health-wise, as a man.

As it is though, given the signs of the times (with degeneracy and such), I can only control my well-being up until/unto the shooting of my load just short of INside a woman. It's sad how unnatural we have become.