did i do this right?


Don Juan
Jun 3, 2002
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atlanta ga
there is this grl at my school that is really cute
we've been looking at each other many times
for some reason , i could never get a chance to talk to her
today as i was in the library, i saw her get out, i followed her because i wanted to make my move
as i was walking behind her trying to reach her, she suddently turned around walking in the opposite direction and dialing a number on her phone.
we passed each other and i got paralysed for some reason.She went back in the library
later on, i was outside smoking a cigarette when i saw her get out of the school building. She was on the phone and was trying to open her car doors. Here what i said
"when you are done talking on the phone, can i talk to you for a sec?"
her" i'm on the phone with my mom "
me"it wont take more than two minutes"
her" hold on mom "
me"no, that wont work, you should just give me your name and i'll talk to you next time i see you"
her" about what"
me"you'll see"
her, smiling "tamara is my name "
me "ok"
she got in her car and left
did i do this wrong?
what should i do next time i see her?
what if she ignores me when she sees me?

PS: I'm going through a lot with women and i need help, if you cant help me, dont flame me, If you can, thank you"
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Don Juan
May 13, 2003
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Well at least you approached her; That is half the battle. Good job there!

What did you do wrong? Well, at first you smoked. J/K.

Seriously, I wouldn't have approached her unless I was able to talk to her for a few minutes. In other words, I wouldn't interrupt phone conversations because then the situation is awkward. You never know what the conversation is about. What if it's about a dead relative? Now you are associated with a funeral. And you better have a helluva lot better conversation than the person on the other end of the line or she may see you as rude as hell.

The next time I see her, I would simply call her by her name and introduce myself since it doesn't sound like you did this. Then go with some of the techniques expressed in the Bible. Have fun!

Apr 18, 2003
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Fayetteville, Arkansas
In my opinion(chick's perspective) you were a little rude...just a tiny bit....you went up to her like you already knew her, but didn't which would make your words sound awkward, but nevertheless if you felt confident about what you were doing then it's not such a big deal...you at least approached her. GOOD JOB!


Master Don Juan
Jan 15, 2002
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Don't ASK her for sh1t. That puts her in control and you in a position of supplication (you are asking for something).

You are a man, you TAKE what you want.

If you want to talk to her you do, you do not need her permission. Look her in the eye when you do it to show confidence.

I wouldn't say this was the best start, but don't let that stop you. It may have played on her mind and she could be left wondering what you are going to say next time (she will be pretty sure what you want ;) ).

Well done for approaching her, most guys don't even get that far.

Next time you see her you act confident, look her in the eye and don't look away. Move toward her in her line of sight and say hi (so don't creep up from behind and stand one foot away). Don't expect her to come to you. You are the man, you must initiate - so you approach her, don't expect any signal to invite you to.

Maybe bust on her some about phoning her mum "does she have to check in" or some sh1t. ****y and funny.

Then get her number/get her to go for a coffee with you or something. Say it right: don't ask her if you can buy her one. Say you are going for one and tell her she should join you.