Denver Just Decriminalized Magic Mushrooms


Master Don Juan
Mar 12, 2017
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Thoughts? I remember a few years when I went to Red Rocks in CO for the first time a chick had a gallon bag filled to the top with shrooms and was handing them out for free. I only ate a stem and had a blast while on them. But we ended up losing one of my buddies who we later found after the show starring at a rock for the entire show. He had a horrible trip while missing the entire show.

I've known some people over the years who almost died while on them. One guy wigged out and jumped off the 3rd story balcony shattering both legs. What I will say is it does wonders for depression when micro-dosing. I tried it on myself a couple years ago as a personal study with great success. I believe in the future they will be used in place of pharmaceuticals to treat mental illness.


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Master Don Juan
Aug 6, 2009
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It's still illegal, but it sounds like Denver is now the coolest city in the US :)