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Dealing with a HB10 with a wandering eye


Master Don Juan
Jul 2, 2012
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Tony, you've the wrong frame of mind my friend.
You're saying that you "didn't earn her respect at first", like she's some kind of authority over you and these are lines spoken by supplicating nice guys. No, respect is a given between two people, but you can however do alot to fvck that baseline respect up. If anything she should be writing forum posts on girly forums how to earn your respect. You're your point of mental origin.

This is a problem because your behavior is a consequence of your mindset. Everything starts with having the correct mindset.
Because he has no options . If he has she would need to earn his respect . If he has a harem of HB10s , do you think he will be posting this ?


Master Don Juan
Aug 27, 2015
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Lmfao , i used to do this a lot actually. Once i went directly to one guy and told him that my girl thinks he’s attractive and they should meet . Later that guy joined us and my girl was so embarrassed she went to the toilet to hide . She came after half an hour , and i was lmao .

Did it also recently , my girl was telling me that a kid (16)was very attractive. I told her lets go meet him and ask him if he wants you to make his babies . She thought i was joking until i took her and started having a chat with the kid and i told him directly that my girl was into him and if they want to hook up .

Thats just proof that i don’t give a shyt about them and if they want to go the door is always open.You show to them that you got no complexes or that you are jealous and that you can trade them right away on the spot . Like they got no value for you . When you show no jealousy, their system gets overloaded because they know that nothing is going to touch your inner self and without that there is no drama. Win win .
Glad I’m not the only one doing it .
I know not any or many took you up on the offer.
Dude bugs me for some reason, Iike some of his stuff though
Folks personalities or voice tones will rub us wrong.


Don Juan
May 4, 2020
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An update. I never said anything about her checking out other guys (its what good looking people do), but as many of you pointed out, it's a symptom of disrespect, and the disrespect will manifest itself in other ways. I had to pay for everything so yesterday I called her out on it and nexted her. She was shocked. She has since completely changed tack and texted hinting at a reunion, which I dismissed.

I only happened upon this forum and The rational Male as I'd been having trouble with this girl. The Rational Male blew my mind. I know now that from the start, she should have been in my frame. I was in hers at the start, though recently she was in mine. I allowed disrespect from the beginning, and it's very hard to roll that back.

Ironically, the only way to fully gain her full respect was to end things. Onwards and upwards.


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