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Dating younger woman...


Senior Don Juan
Jun 24, 2004
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I concur. All the really younger ones are lots of fun, but they just get borring after a while. There is a lot to be said for experience.

Unfortunately (well by my thinking) I am involved in a business that employs mostly younger people ( 90% of my staff is under 25). It is really hard for me to meet quality women over that age, so I end up dating women under that age. Now, I am not saying that I date my staff, but they introduce into their friends and things happen.

Age should never really be seen as a problem. The fact that I am older gives me certain qualities that the younger fellows on my staff can't meet. Women are attracted to men with Knowledge, Experience, Confidence, Style, Power/Money, and Maturity. This is a fact. These qualities can only be developed over time, so naturally only an older man can provide them.

While youth, looks, and game definately make it easier, they are not the end all be all. Character is what counts and that is what I provide.


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