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Creating Connection


Don Juan
Jun 18, 2022
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Went out to my old hunting grounds for first time in years…. I think I learned some new tricks I wasn’t quite aware of before. I saw who I wanted, and knew it was just matter of time.

Locking eyes. Letting silence do the work. Twice it worked like a charm. Just looking into their eyes before saying a word. They’d look, look down, look away smile and look back. it seemed more than just the normal flirting / sexual hitting on. Seemed more like some romantic / deep connection was created and literally no resistance encountered. Went in for kiss, would just touch lips and then I’d back away letting them tilt their heads to me. Before you know it they are pursuing me.

Tried it a few other times when friends were talking to a girl. It literally required the minimal of words and no heavy hitting on, and I’m sure I could have swooped in.

Downside is I feel like I was smitten with each. Thoughts?
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