Considering changing my Major?!?!

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Mar 19, 2005
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All right fellow DJs I seemed to have reached a crossroads in my life. Im about to start my senior year of college. I have an AS in Business Admin, and am working towards my BS in Bus Admin with concentrations in Marketing/ITM. However, since the end of spring semester I keep feeling like Im just spinning my wheels and going nowhere academically. The Business thing just doesnt seem to cut it anymore. And I know numerous posters here have become gone on to become successfull without Business Degrees.

Im starting to seriously consider entirely changing my major. I was thinking about going into History and then going on into Secondary Ed. Just wanted to get some thoughts and opinions from you guys. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated. Thanks guys.


Don Juan
Apr 21, 2006
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I love helping people with these issues .Thanks for the op.

In the end, do what makes you happy. Trust your gut. If you hate it, quit.
A more scientific way is this:
Ask yourself "do you like what you are doing right now?"
You can answer ONLY yes or no. No "well kind ofs."

If you answer yes, then stay. If you answer no, it may not be such as good idea.

Your major will not likely matter in 10 years. Do what you like doing. It's a mistake to major in something you hate because you won't excel in it.
I tried to teach myself web programming, but I was a good marketing guy and evidently not a web programmer.

Bad idea to learn things "just because they are skills that are good to know".
You'll be nothing but mediocre if you don't build your strengths.

I'll prove it: Which of these billionaires majored or had graduate studies in business?
Steve Jobs (Apple)
Pierre O (Ebay)
Arthur Rock (Father of VC)
Ted Turner (CNN)
Bill Gates (Microsoft)
Warren Buffet (Investment)
Steve Balmer (Microsoft)

I can PM you the answers to this question :p.
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Apr 2, 2003
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If you're a senior, that means you're pretty close to getting one degree. I would stick it out and at least complete that one first. You'd be suprised how useful having just one diploma can be for a person who is sound of mind. What you don't want to do is start changing your majors on a whim just becasue you don't feel like you're doing anything productive with no "good" reason behind it. Note: A "good" reason would be like finding your "calling" in something else along the way and knowing that, that's exactly what you want to do with your life. Or some one offered you a decent position at a job outside your field and one of the requirements is a different degree then one you're currently seeking (If they offer to let you school while working AND touition reimbursment, then that's a winner for sure).

Having said that I highly recommend you complete your current degree THEN if you feel like you want more schooling take up something else. In fact you don't even have to wait. I'm sure some of the prerequisites for whatever other feild you're concidering have already been meet (when you get the ball rolling in college, the momentum usually continues as long as you like) I've never heard anyone getting put down for having two degrees, especially if you have a minor in both. Overlooking the benifits of college can be a SERIOUS mistake. In my opinion, it prepares you for the real world with real conciquences and really forces you to put the preassure on yourself to do well. Mind you, you can do very well for yourself in the world without a diploma at all, but the people who generally do well already know how to preassure themseleves to suceed, or have natural leadership abilities, or are just silver spoon kids who were granfathered into their position. The experiences of college (when done correctly) are worth their weight in gold though because it graces you into interacting in teams, seeing how real life situations are going to be in the working world, socializing and it's process etc etc all with a big safty net underneath so it's not so bad if you mess up from time to time.

You've got the rest of your life to work (literally) so stick it out in school for another 4, 8, 10 years if you want. No one would or should knock you for that.