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Coming full circle

Epic Days

May 7, 2019
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Most of the posts here are circular in nature. This will be my last thread.
These things we talk about are about you. So much emphasis about women. None of what troubles a man is about women. In fact it’s not about others at all.
Who here thinks women are NOT trying to do the best they can with what they have? If you do, you are mistaken. And there’s most likely no hope of escape for you.

It’s not about money or even status in the end. Your beliefs are all messed up. It’s about you as an individual. You do not owe anything unless you actually stole something or borrowed it. You do not owe your loyalty to any person or group that is unworthy. Take no subordinate position

@stormrider has made some good posts to guide some that have vision. @Spaz has made some fine posts about the roles of men and good conduct that is pro-survival for you.

A woman doesn’t matter if she doesn’t come to you and your vision. You chose the wrong women that are aligned with you and you know it. You expected women to adhere to your moral code and in the end you got wrecked. Well you wrecked yourself. Nobody owes you anything. Not even loyalty. Would you prefer a woman to be a slave to you in all things? What the hell were you thinking?

there is nothing a woman can give to you that you don’t already have inside you. Being duped by this corrupt world (western culture), as it stands now, is all you. BUT, the beauty of all things is that you can change your mind about it. Never let an idea be forced upon you. Things like feminism, communism, socialism etc. are meant to limit you and the power that lives in you. Better to be dead than subject to such things.
You don’t even owe poor people. Are you so audaciously arrogant that you think so little of them that you have to corrupt them even more by giving them something that they are capable of getting themselves?

Maybe you should rethink things in a new light.


Master Don Juan
Sep 11, 2018
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Indeed. It’s about self empowerment. Thinking it’s about women is putting the cart in front of the horse. And you end up going nowhere. Ten years from now the cart still hasn’t moved an inch, lol.


Senior Don Juan
Apr 14, 2013
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yep. people need to think outside of "society" the west is corrupted and has been since they started trading land with the native Americans. You are responsible for yourself and are born into a system of rules. Think about this..all the land in the world owned by someone. We are all slaves to someone. Mother earth is owned.


Master Don Juan
Dec 24, 2017
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There's a globalization sexual market. Most men are running on the 1950s software. What worked in the 90s waa dated in 2000s. Its a bit of a dumpster fire and yet, a man must excute irrespective of the **** hole. Its actually a superb time to be a bachelor and unplugged. Much of the arguments are circular given man is running on outdated software.

Man must evolve, adapt, and continue to be content yet, pursuing on his path in life living at one's edge, and going beyond.

The old social contract is decimated. Its no more. There's nothing but a free for all. Its open season. Enjoy the decline.