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Colleagues sleeping with each other....

Poonani Maker

Master Don Juan
Apr 29, 2007
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This is not true at all. Women are seducers in social circle environments. I’ve taken “popular” guys from my social circles out to the clubs and they don’t know what to do. They certainly aren’t hooking up with random chicks. It is outside of their element. And these guys definitely do not chase. They never had to. If a girl doesn’t chase, then nothing happens. And most of the time nothing happens because girls in clubs surrounded by validation aren’t going to chase.

In a social environment where the popular guy has established status, his brain knows exactly how to act. But out in the meat market his brain shuts down and he just stands there waiting for something to happen.

The reason why most guys don’t know what to do out in the field and have to learn “game” is because it’s not natural to be a male seducer. WOMEN are the real seducers.

You could be a male 6 and bang every single woman in your social circles and be completely average/invisible out in the sexual marketplace. And if you had no social life and had to deal with entitled women in the clubs long enough, you would be convinced that you were a loser....until you accidentally find a social environment again and see how easy it is to get laid and that women are the ones doing most of the seduction.

The requirement to get laid in a shared social environment is to be at least a 6 and above, cool vibe, and chill personality. That’s it. You don’t have to do much and the women come to you.

This dynamic gets completely reversed out in the sexual marketplace where even handsome guys have to compete, deal with entitled women, and have to learn how to chase, in which they end up supplicating and looking weird because their brains are not wired to seduce women. It’s upside down and a$$ed backwards.

In a natural environment like a social tribe, women will chase you if you are even remotely cool. But in a man made fabricated environment like a bar or night club that’s designed to make guys desperate and spend money, guys feel unnatural, women become entitled, and the dynamic resembles a matriarchy where even 6’s think you want their autograph.

It amazes me that I even have to explain this. Sometimes this forum looks like a bunch aliens from a different planet trying discover how humans get together and mate. And one alien comes up with a theory that isn’t even close to the truth, and all the other aliens agree with him. But none of the aliens have any actual experience.

I am speaking from the experience as a guy who gets chased in social environments that this thread talks about. When I go out to the clubs, I can’t even chase. My entitlement prevents me from doing it. Like there is no part in my brain that says “seducer.” If the girl doesn’t pursue me, nothing happens. My ego is too validated for me to pursue.

Even if I approach, the girl knows I am not really interested in her. I don’t even know her. My standards are so high that it blows me out from girls that expect instant validation. It’s almost like my frame is incompatible with women’s frames out in the night clubs because we are both too entitled.

The social status popular guy and the entitled club chick actually cancel each other out. They are both incapable of seducing the other. But when I am in my natural habitat (social tribes) women chase and I suddenly know how to act again.

It is not possible to be the chaser and chasee at the same time. They are two completely opposite frames.

The guy who pulls everywhere is most likely a chaser. And the popular guy in social environments that is sleeping with everyone is the chasee. The popular guy is incapable of chasing anyone.

They are not the same guy!
Yeah social environments make me more horny than the "clubs" or "bars." It'll make a woman older than me look attractive cause she's seducing me just because we interact with each other through business on a daily/weekly basis. The law of familiarity all that jazz.


Jul 19, 2019
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Yeah social environments make me more horny than the "clubs" or "bars." It'll make a woman older than me look attractive cause she's seducing me just because we interact with each other through business on a daily/weekly basis. The law of familiarity all that jazz.
But what sucks is if they have a boyfriend or are married.


Don Juan
Jul 19, 2019
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I feel we have gone around in a circle with this stupid PUA bullshyt, all it lead to was square one of what was already obvious to anyone who didn't fall for PUA. It was a big, dumb, step back. Already on the playground as a 7 year old, I knew what was going on - we were kissing because we were in proximity to each other and we both thought we were good looking
I was thinking about this ealier when I was watching an RSDJeffy video about game and his 'model'
I feel like we're being taught something that is the most obvious thing in the world, but it's being sprinkled with clever language and side-roads to make people think they're learning something
I think that's why i've always kind of cringed when someone says 'learn game, bro!'. It's like you'd only need to 'learn game' if you had severe autism and had lived in a cave for the first 20 years of your life?

Back to Jeffy's video, his 'model' when broken down from 43 mins of rambling was open, make conversation, 'pepper in statements of intent', escalate, close.

It's like walk up too girl you like, talk, tell her you like her, if shes likes you back, kiss. As you say, it's stuff 7 year olds know lol. Yet adults are still told 'learn game, bro' lol.