Classic jerk success story


Don Juan
Apr 29, 2002
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Bensalem, PA USA
Here is a prime example of how being a jerk worked for me.

I went to a local bar with my roommates (a couple). We were going to celebrate my female roommate's coworkers' 21st Bday. This Bday girl is an extremely reserved person as described by my roommate and this was the first time I ever met her. Well to get to the point. We were at this bar (this place makes me act like an a$$hole). I never act like this in general, but for some reason this place just turns me into one. The last three times I have been there, I got kicked out. During the course of the night, I have a few moderate conversations with the Bday girl, nothing deep or abnormal. I was just recommending different shots she would like based on her favorite drinks. I was too busy fvcking with the regulars there. The have a white board to write your name on to get in line for the pool tables. There was a girl's name on it named Jenna so I write after her name Jamison. I think it goes unnoticed although I got a drunk giggle out of it. Later on in the night her name is back on the board, so I write Jamison again. This time one of the dudes she is with (total AFC) gets in my face about how he doesn't think that's funny. I just brush him off with a look and comment about how he is a big sally. I return back to my group of friends where they had just watched this confrontation. We start laughing their lack of sense of humor. The BDay girl's name was also on this white board. I tell her that I'm going to write something dirty behind her name and she is to come over to me and yell at me for being such an a$$hole for writing something behind her name. Well sure enough I write something stupid behind her name and she comes storming over and starts reaming me out, then slaps me across the face. She almost had me convinced she was serious. Well the bartender sees this and recognizes me and kicks Bday girl and I both out. We walk out giggling get in my car, so can give her a ride home. Before I even start the car she tells me she wants to fvck right then and there.

I said maybe a total of 10 words to this girl during the course of that night. This just is an example of how a quiet reserved girl can be so upfront and not care at all when she knows she is dealing with jerk.


Master Don Juan
May 28, 2002
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Sh1t man, the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago.

We went out for drinks after work one Friday and it had been a hellish week. I decided it was time to cut loose. Had quite a few, took one of the girls out on the dance floor and went a bit nuts out there, just trying to stand out a little.

On the way back to the table, this guy just up and gives me a shove. Well, I get right up in his face and keep faking like I'm going to nail him. He backs down and his friends get in the way. I keep doing it but eventually give up because it was clear that nothing was going to happen.

Well, the inevitable occurred and the bouncers came over and said I had to leave. One of the girls with us (who I had met once before) comes over and starts really defending me. I said waste of time, I'm out.

She offers to give me a ride home and insists on coming to my place. Boom.

The lessons are make yourself stand out, chicks like bad guys and at least one chick will want to take you home after incidents like this.