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Case I read this week thoughts? Female dress codes and immigration

7onriverI f

Senior Don Juan
Jan 31, 2020
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I saw a case here in Australia where a woman was told by a Muslim security guard that she can't swim in her apartment pool because she's wearing a bikiki and in order for her to be allowed to swim she has to put some clothes on. The woman ended up saying the Muslim man should go back to his arab country because it's not Saudi Arabia it's Australia and if he doesn't like it here he should go back.

I agree with both the woman and the Muslim man. The woman should be encouraged to put clothes on and the Muslim man should be encouraged to live in his native country. Both are probably helping each other in this case in a sense.

The reason for a woman to wear clothes is to prevent lust and the reason for the man to live in his native country is for him to seek God (Jesus Christ).

Encouraging is a bit different than forcing it however. It can take some time before someone can even consider it a option if they ever consider it a option.

What are your guys thoughts on female dress codes and immigration?


Master Don Juan
Jan 14, 2018
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Somewhere where's it's none of your business
1st, you should return to ur own ancestral land, wherever that is and then you might be able to make similar comments to others.

If can't pack ur bags and uproot urself, then don't ask others to do so.

And what's wrong with a girl wearing a bikini whilst in a pool? I rather enjoy seeing them all nicely done up.


Aug 19, 2013
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Eye of the storm
Arab culture wouldn't respect a woman wearing a bikini in their country, that's how they do it there and it's fair to respect that when going there or don't go there. Even though I'm entirely opposed to it.

That's not the culture in Australia and the security guard is disrespectful towards the culture of the country he's currently in. He doesn't have to like it for any or no reason at all, but he should at least respect it.

I'm fully on her side on this one.


Master Don Juan
Jun 26, 2017
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If she is a "true" Muslim, I think she should wear a Bhurkini no matter what country she's in. I admit when I first saw one, I thought it was goofy at first but it gained me more respect for them for the fact that they are willing to put their faith/religion first despite any inconvenience/public perception/humility.

This is the problem we have with feminism, girls pick and choose what's convenient to them or would benefit them. Not too many females adhere to the actual principal of things these days. My $.02



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