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Borknagars getting back into it field report journal


Senior Don Juan
Oct 7, 2001
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Ok there isn't going to be much. I was married for 5 years, but together 9, gained a few lb(working it off now) moved to a college town but venture out a lot, live alone and have a good job. I'm in total beta at the moment. Not that I haven't had it in the past even though I was getting SNL frequently and would game chicks off fb and pof and usually have their cloths off in a few hours. Also if any of you are near Sioux Falls, hit me up.

3 weeks ago I went to some shindig outside family thing with booze and some ****ty band. I was sitting on some rock vaping away from everyone(since they didn't allow it inside the festivities) some chick and her friend showed up. She mentioned something about weed, and I called her naughty and we ended up at her place way later in the night and this is completely 100% out of character for me but..... I DIDN't PULL!!!!! DAMN IT WTF!!!!!!!! This is totally out of character for me or shall I say the me from 10 years ago. 10 years ago if a chick invited me back to her place she'd be naked within 5 minutes, 20 if I was lazy about it. Anyway, I got friendzoned, and it's obvious to both myself and everyone reading this. I didn't even have the balls to kiss this chick, and there were times back in the day, more often than not, I'd have the make out within a minute of meeting a chick. I'm embarrassed, and you're all embarrassed for me, I'm sure. But hey, thats ok.

last weekend I went to go see a coverband playing 80s hair rock. Sure a lot of older women, but some in their early to mid 30s. Could have totally gamed this chick, especially after she suddenly grabbed me around my waist and started humping me and my dumbass let her run off and get away with it. Seen her in the front and was flirty.

Same Situation the following day. Got the kiss though but nothing beyond that.

Oh and a week and a half ago, seen Asian hottie I saw at Walmart earlier in the day out at night. Got the number. Currently texting a bit.

Yeah, lame as **** thus far, but we've all been there before we figured anything out and I'm sure I'm not the only one getting back into it.

FYI this is ignoring any Tinder/POF, etc that I haven't met. Currently, there are a few. But it doesn't count until you physically meet.