Blue Pill is Literal Suicide


Senior Don Juan
Jun 12, 2019
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Another chunk of knowledge for you guys. I’ll say it plain - the feminine imperative is designed solely to suppress men. That’s the way it is, and it makes sense from an evolutionary, genetic and biological perspective. If you notice, men like ourselves rise above that suppression and think for ourselves regardless. We forge our own paths. The feminine imperative is a way of refining our genetics, acquiring the best genes.

Therein lays a lesson. When under suppression, a person questions themselves, berates themselves with brutal internal dialogue. The person loses faith in themselves, or decreases the power they grant themselves. Being as there are men who pull themselves out of it, regardless of the pressure, there’s only one conclusion.

A man will WILLINGLY throw himself into the depths of his own mind. He will WILLINGLY destroy himself, even make the conscience decision to give up. This is a choice, gentlemen. Either choose to survive, or choose to succumb. There’s no blaming anyone for one’s state of mind. A blue pill man’s reality was his choice, and his alone. His decision to commit suicide. His decision to give up his reproduction. He did it to himself.
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