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Bill m accused of sexual harassment; strap up fellas


Master Don Juan
Dec 24, 2017
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Fellas, strap up. Psycho feminists and women attention seekers will play the game.

Maybe or maybe not, he Could be guilty.

Sexual harassment = not liking advancement

False accusations are the feminism royal flush.

I have archived absolutely ridiculous amount of receipts from my days infield and swinging my hammer.

Screenshot nudes, texts, vid all sex, and jail anybody who dares accuse you falsely.

Scary that no proof and your career and life can be ruined by not getting the ring or some sociopath female.

Arm yourself.


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Master Don Juan
Apr 3, 2012
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Bill Maher supposedly whispered to Rose McGowan: “I’ve got a big c*ck”. LMAO!

You’ve got to love the fact that the woman who appeared almost totally naked in an extraordinary revealing dress in public feels sexually harassed by something like that...