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Becoming an Alpha Male Provider


Master Don Juan
Aug 29, 2021
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Before you Crucify me for saying this please read. In the 1950s all Men used to provide for their wives and families (dual incomes were not widespread), these men were all providers but not necessarily beta males. In traditional societies men are still expected to provide.

Does it make someone a beta male if they want a traditional stay it home mother who looks after the kids? A man has no choice but to become the provider in this role.

I've dated a lot of "modern" women and have found that it just isn't my cup of tea. A family oriented woman is going to expect you to be a provider and it doesn't make a beta bux provider since those goes have no value beyond their wallet.

Has anyone here gotten into a relationship with a more traditional minded women, I am curious about the experiences.


Don Juan
Aug 5, 2020
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Why do you consider being a provider beta? I think it has nothing to do with being alpha or beta. Being alpha means that you lead. That you are actively living your life and not being a passive pushover. That you have an abundance mindset. You are not needy (=beta). That you don't b*tch about things (=beta), but accept or change them. That you don't depend on external validation. That you are competent and confident. That you strive for mastery. That you face your demons and don't use them as excuses. That you acknowledge your weaknesses and don't pretend they don't exist.

Thus, Alpha is a mindset. It's not about *what* you do (e.g. being a provider or not). It's about why and how you do it. I don't see how providing for your family should be incompatible with being an alpha. Quite the opposite. Imho, taking care of your family is very Alpha.

Just don't think that providing alone is enough to make you alpha.