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Be Your Best Self


Don Juan
Feb 28, 2011
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Our own fear keeps us in prison. Beliefs either destroy your prison bars or make them stronger. Whatever you want in this life can be achieved. Some people dream of space travel, other of expensive cars. Some people imagine game winning shots. Spiritual and social change captivated the imagination of many. Those who reach their highest aspirations have persistence, goals and patience. If you want a beautiful women by your side you must cultivates these attributes. No obstacle on this planet can stop a determined mind. Most of our obstacles to greatness are self imposed. Once we persistently take action on our goals it’s only a matter of time.

Persistence: continues in a course of action despite difficulty our opposition.

Carpe Diem translates to “Seize the Day”. You can’t change yesterday or daydream a future. 24hours to decide the person you will become. Take one step every single day to reach greatness. Just like a muscle expanding under the pressure of bench press, so too does your mind in attracting women. The only way to learn what works is through persistent action. Reading all the books in the library about dating and attraction can give you ideas and vision but not results. Learning is a great thing and yes studying attraction will help. The ancient Egyptians said “Know they Self”. All the knowledge out there is written from other perspective and memories. Only you can determine your path by going after what you want today.

Goals: The result of achievement towards which effort is directed.

A course must be charter to reach a destination. Write down your goals and review them daily. The best time to program your mind is before bed and after you wake. Start small at first with eye contact and hello. Overtime raise your goals to number closes, date closes etc. The best goals will take you outside of your comfort zone. At the time you wake and before bed visualize exactly the person you want to be. Find a picture of a role model and visualize yourself being them. Better then that find a role model and learn from them.

Patience: the bearing of annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.

The number of personal rejections I’ve encounter is high. Many times I’ve felt hopeless about my personal development. There are so many different variables in each of our lives. Circumstances like our upbringing, genes, income, education, family and friends. Some people may take 2 months to reach there goals with women. Other people may take 10 years for certain results. Regardless of the time frame if you quite, eject, stop you definitely will fail. You must have faith. Have confidence in your own abilities to learn what work and discard the rest. You must see that trying new things bring different results. Understand that the pain of rejection brings the joy of a new lesson.

You are the master of your destiny. Any course you set in this life is attainable. Only a hard path can chisel out a well defined character. The internal attributes of persistence, vision and patience must be cultivated to achieve anything of substance in this life.
Your best is never your past; it’s always the person you are now becoming.

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Master Don Juan
Jan 6, 2011
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Great post! Looking forward to your future posts.