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Bald Guys' Game (BBG)

Should bald guys use different game?

  • Yes

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • No

    Votes: 10 76.9%

  • Total voters


Senior Don Juan
May 26, 2022
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I have a big, wide bald spot at the top, but my hairline is still quite good & plush. I'll never know if chicks have rejected me for that (i.e., since they never say I'm not interested in you because of your bald spot), but the few chicks I have gotten seem to say that the plush front makes up for the bald top. The bald spot is not visible when looking straight at me, but rather when looking at me from the back.

It's not yet OVER for BaldingSpotCels?

I know what you mean. basically from my early to late 20s I had still had good hair, but with a balding spot that was increasing. Unfortunately, in my late 20s I started thinning also from the front, and now it's time to just shave it off.

I have a bald spot on top also. Ok hair all around it.

If I stand only, keep my back to a wall, never leave to go to the bathroom, and only talk to short chicks, I’m good.
You should not rely on those things, because they will give you insecurity, and women can sense that. Sometimes they can even sense the direct cause of your insecurity. You should either embrace your bald spot and carry on with confidence, or shave and own it.


Master Don Juan
Jun 13, 2016
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When you quit worrying about how your hair looks, THEN you will have effective game. For me that meant a no guard buzz cut for a few months, then I started shaving and seasonally growing out my facial hair. Combined with a regular fitness program, I knew I looked like a badass and I noticed people looking at me. The women who returned my eye contact were more than happy to talk to a confident, self assured man.

It is amazing what you can focus on when you aren't concerned with some aspect of your personal appearance. Do what youhave to do to not have to worry about it...


Don Juan
Nov 12, 2013
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I like the original question. I've always wondered if it rather might be related to the menstrual cycle, but ever since buzzing/shaving I can say I've noticed some women definitely like it and some just not so much.

We definitely are stigmatized for the way we look both in positive and negative ways. People are just programmed with their biases, there's nothing to do about it.

So the question was, should one change their attitude/game/personality after shaving. My answer: you could argue both ways, yes and no.

Yes in confined situations because women will project their idea of masculinity onto you and if that's what they're after you might as well use it to your advantage. For example you should dress accordingly and keep in shape.

But no because you shouldn't radically change the way you are or act. You should develop yourself independently of what people's stigmas are. If you master conversation, game, and a positive attitude then it won't really matter.


Master Don Juan
May 17, 2007
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Hi zinc4.

Thanks for the tips.

Regarding being ripped - I have had visible abs yearly for the last 17 years (since sixteen). But the "ripped, dry look" that most people refer to is usually obtained by juicing. I am not going to risk my long term health (50s/60s) for s*x or female validation. Tattoos would be incongruent with my personality (unless I fully reinvent myself).

I think that baldness is not an issue, I am just facing the same issues as many single men in their thirties - the breaking up of social circles, combined with remote working. I have to socialise and start running game.

You don't need steroids. Just binge on eggs and lean meats and lift hard every other day plus some good ole fashion cardio on top of that. Whey protein and eggs have helped me a lot actually.