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Asking her to send naked pics


Don Juan
Jun 9, 2010
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Thank you everyone in this thread!

So I bought her diamond earring on her b'day, bought her many gifts, loved her like crazy and in the end she never talked when i asked to send naked pics.
So after what happened i am writing here ::
After all I becomed so much needy and sent many millions smses. Before that I gave her 2 weeks. and third week i just sent one message and then I lost my patience of not getting her reply and I sent millions smses, messages.

I got later depressed and went to psychiatrist and recovered. and later she atlast talked (seemed she knew i got depressed) and she told she doesn't think herself as a reason of my depression. She called me child.

Well afterall this I realized, she wasn't even worth a effort. She is being just manipulated by her jealous friend who is lonely girl and so thin and smokes like crazy. I just can't tell her straight that her friend isn't doing any good to her. She speaks her language to me. it's clear.

Whatever I learnt my mistakes, you guys were so right. and I am moving on. Concentrating more my career and business. I read somewhere woman should be as compliment not price, we should be as price for woman.

It seemed I was just ****buddy to her who actually getting happy to receive her photos, talking her and she was happy receiving my gifts and praises. I hope she will leave her friend soon otherwise she will be single forever or ****ed by many males. I don't care now. I am moving on.

Thank you all for encouragements and advices!

Ps. now I am laughing myself on me, i was going to do suicide for her who doesn't even in love with me or care for me. Lesson learnt!


Senior Don Juan
Aug 21, 2005
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My girlfriend gets naked and plays with her self on skype, Ha we started out sending naked photos when i Was working out of town. All you need to do is Build some comefort over the phone, and then start getting her hot learn to use sexual tension in your favor to progress (saying something sexual, then pause untill you get a response, and just keep plowing) Eventually you can talk her into sending naked photos, Usually you may have to send a picture to her first non nude and see if she sends you one back. then progress from there