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Anyone here wholesale real estate


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Master Don Juan
Jun 2, 2012
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From my limited knowledge wholesale in real-estate only works in place when inventory period is high , here in Canada when houses get sold in days or weeks, no body really need wholesaler unless if the property is really bad.
Some gurus make it seem very smart profession , but in fact you need a lot of time to market your houses, just like any sales job when it comes to the effords


Senior Don Juan
Feb 22, 2020
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what had been your experience

Pretty houses, ugly houses and contracts each require a different strategy.

Anyone can start anywhere by being a bird dog and beating the bushes.

RE is a people business not brick and mortar.

There is someone a door knock away that has a problem which you take-on to solve.

In RE, money easily flows to deals.

The key is building your mind in negotiating and structuring contracts.

Robert Allen’s ‘Nothing Down’ was the first to popularize various foundational concepts.
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