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Anti-Dump's Machine (Part IX: ALWAYS Be Prepared!)


Master Don Juan
Jul 22, 2000
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I started out as SUPER nerd. I’m more of a thinky person so social things take a bit more effort out of me. But if you want to succeed, you ALWAYS need a plan.

Always take the opportunity. Always have fun things to do (so you DON’T have to plan them after you met the girl).

ALWAYS carry paper and pencil to write down phone numbers (or put it into your cell phone). This will remind you to GET numbers, to GET dates.

But what if the woman thinks you are ‘too prepared’? There is no such thing as being ‘too prepared’ when it comes to women. This will be seen as a PLUS as Anti-Dump explains:

You WANT to look prepared. You are silently telling her YOU ask girls for numbers.

Women are not men. They don't think like we do. [Pook Note: Understatement of the Century] Women only want a guy when other girls want him. They want a guy who is in demand.
They are not jealous of other girls.

She will assume you are successful. If you weren't, you wouldn't be carrying it. They know men don't do things for nothing.

Women who know you might be seeing others, are less likely to play games. If they like you, women are AFRAID to take chances of losing you. They know if they say "I'm busy" too many times you will call someone else.

Only two types of women will not like you carrying a pencil for numbers:

1. A deeply insecure woman with emotional problems. She cannot stand the thought of competing with others.

2. A control-freak or manipulator. This kind wants to have it ALL her way. She a 90-10 TAKER in relationships. She is stubborn and inflexable.

Normal women will be surprised.
Since most guys ARE NOT prepared she will wonder what OTHER things (He,he,he!!!) you are good at.
But Mr. Anti-Dump! Is the number asking too much? Isn’t THAT giving the woman all the power? Isn’t she NOW in control?

This is why nice guys give up their 50% in a relationship.

The guy is IN CONTROL. The guy asks for your number. If he doesn't ask nothing happens. That's control. The guy keeps you waiting with you not knowing if he will call EVER!

Then, he asks YOU "Let's do dinner." The date itself is his idea. The person taking action is the one in control.

And if you don't seem interested he drops you.

Many men aren't aggressive in relationships because they erroneously think the woman does the choosing.
It is not just ‘asking’ for the number. It is taking action.


The “What If”s

What if there are women who are IN LOVE with you but are undatable?

10% of the time you will meet an undateable woman.

This doesn't happen that often. But you should watch out for this kind of woman.

This is a woman who shows all kinds of interest in you. Calls you, does alot of kino on you. Is very happy to see you, etc.

You know in your gut that she is not a friend and that you are definitely not in the friend zone. You just KNOW she thinks you are great and is highly interested.

But somehow she always has a VALID excuse for not giving you a date. A real live VALID reason.

She is genuinely busy. With her daughter and family. A flight to Florida for vacation. Or she is a doctor with an impossible schedule. Or she is involved in many social activities.

Or maybe she is like wicked shy. Or thinks you are just too good for her. But still she shows up and gives you a warm greeting.

But, like I said, you are not getting a date. Or the dating is irregular and random.

One more example. Her gym night is on saturday night your favorite night to go out. So she asks for another night to date you. Remember, she really likes you and she is a '10'. But you don't want to go out on another night. Saturday night is 'date night' for most people so you are not in the wrong.

These women, although they have high interest, ARE UNDATEABLE.

It kills to drop them but you must. We men have never had it our way and it certainly is difficult to dump these kind of interested women.

But you have to have it YOUR WAY. Like Burger King. Hold the pickles and lettuce Lady!

If you want to be happy you have to dump them early on.
I mean like FAST.

If you like a crazy dating pattern more power to you.
But don't hesitate to get rid of a woman like the above.

You are NOT being selfish.
It's your damn life and you will live it the way you, as a man, see fit. Right or wrong it's GOT to be YOUR WAY! Because you will never be happy any way else.
But Anti-Dump, so wonderful and wise, what if the girl is actually INTERESTED, giving all the signs of INTEREST, but is too shy to date?

Oh yes, this happens all the time. An extremely shy girl is crazy about you, but puts off giving you a date. Read all posts by D@ZE.

Or she is a girl that uses speech the wrong way. She means something else when she talks and her words are taken wrong by you.

The answer is simple: SHE LOSES YOU.

My approach is based on what the MAJORITY of women do. Most women use words correctly. And most women are not shy. They are average.

Like Devlar said, there are always women who are exceptions.
BUT, you never make an exception!

This keeps the users and heartbreakers and cheaters and psycho's out of your life!

Not bad huh?

Of course you will be wrong sometimes. But you gain the advantage of LESS PAIN and more money in your pockets!

Face it. Women are very, very picky. Now it's OUR turn!

This is fun huh?
But what if the woman is using strategies of her own? What if she read in a girly magazine to pretend to be disinterested?
If a woman is using "The Rules"
by Ellen Fein, or playing hard to get, or is following any kind of planned strategy: SHE LOSES.

The reason is simple. For a strategy to work, one of the sexes CAN'T be using a strategy.

Read this again.

One side has to be defenseless for the 'strategy side' to WIN.
Read this also again.

A man who is a nice guy will call a woman repeatedly because in the "Rules" she won't return a man's calls.

I other words the guy has to _ 'beg' for a date. Real men don't beg.

Begging is impossible with my strategy because of the two call limit. You are not defenseless

If the male and the female are both using a strategy, like in chess, you have a STALE MATE.

Both of you LOSE the game.

The answer is simple: Date only women who have no 'plan'. Here's the great part. Women dislike strategies. As soon as they meet a guy they have HIGH interest in, they are the first to break the rules!

This is why you should never make an exception. The woman will be the first to compromise (a little).
But is not your Machine going too far? Your Machine assumes that the woman knows what she is doing and is executing her plan against you. What if this is not the case?

Your heart will still be protected!

I feel, and it is MY opinion, that it's better to be WRONG about someone than to get repeatedly hurt, over and over.

Judges send innocent people to jail for life sentences. It happens.

In love you must be a little 'hard'. Soft doesn't work.

Look, Krakhed, you don't have to use any of this stuff. Just have it for a back up when women begin to make you MISERABLE!

That's all I ask. Like Karate, you aren't defenseless now.


Don Juan
Dec 3, 2000
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hey pook, i've read every single one of your posts, and have appreciated all of them, but i've never thanked you for your insight.

so thanks.


Don Juan
Oct 26, 2003
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Richmond, VA
Pook, Thanks for bringing up and going deeper into some of these older tips... And thanks in general for all your knowledge you've shared, it has helped me A LOT. Your an inspiration. "Kill that Desperation" was like my gateway to the world of DJism a few months ago, SO THANKS A MILLION!!!! HAIL POOK!!
(ok enough ass grabbing:D )


Don Juan
Jan 25, 2003
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You've been on fire lately. The posts are coming so fast. Its like taking a course, haha.

Good stuff.


Master Don Juan
Oct 13, 2003
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post more, I like this series.

BTW., get your stuff linked or bibled so we don't have to search all your posts, its damn annoying. Stick em all together,
and.. kill that desperation.


"If you love women, you must read the SoSuave Guide to Women. It's fantastic!"


Senior Don Juan
Aug 20, 2001
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Hey Pook,

I just have one minor problem, and it has something to do with what you said right here:
Yes, you are in control of yourself, obviously, but do you also mean the woman? Is this all about control then? Explain please.

"If your rap is strong it can't go wrong."



Master Don Juan
Nov 8, 2003
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