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This may seem fairly obvious to a lot of you, but I had to find this out the hard way.

Attracting girls is one thing, and looking sharp in a suit etc all help. HOWEVER! Getting them to stay in a relationship after the first physical fling is quite another.

This only applies to teenagers, by the way.

Girls today in their teens are a pain in the ass. Personally, I have always tried to be a gent. This however is not a good thing, depending on what you want.

I have numerous female friends, all of whom I get on really well with. Unfortunately, I really fancy the latest addition to this list, and I thought that maybe this one was going to work according to plan. HAH!! Dream on! I recently found out the other day that she sees me as more of a friend.

I'm getting fed up of this happening and after asking several female friends, I have found the answer.

I AM TOO NICE! Yes, apparantly it is possible. Teenage girls today basically want to a boyfriend to be a bit of a git, a bastard. Unfortunately for me, I'm not good at that. You need to be not so nice, be a bit distant, you know the stuff.

However, for you guys out there stuck in the same boat, THERE IS HOPE! You just have to wait a few years. From what I've been able to find out, by the time girls get to their early 20s, they've had enough bastards who've shafted them in more ways than one! ;) They now want guys who are nicer, respect them a bit more yada yada yada. Then we will come into our own!

So you have 2 choices: either become a bastard temporarily, or wait and out up with a distinct lack of relationships of any length for a few years.

If any of you have any advice to help on this, or just think I'm sprouting crap, then please feel free to voice your opinions! This is just from personal experience.


Don Juan
Dec 22, 2002
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What normally works for me it so be a jerk in public and then me nice and "lovin" to yur girl. This works nicly because she gets the impression that she sees the real you that no oone else sees. it makes her feel special.

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Master Don Juan
Sep 20, 2002
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LOL what if the "jerk" personality is so ingrained into you that you cant get rid of it when you're older. Like they say, old habits die hard.

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