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Am I Getting Old?


Senior Don Juan
Jun 13, 2016
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Then I think Social circle is your best avenue. You should have season passes to all your favorite ski parks and find out which Apres Ski locations the wealthy crowd hangs out at. Look for the Range Rovers and Benz SUV's parked out front. Hit places like Whistler, Aspen, Vail, Jackson Hole. (Not sure what the East coast crowd does).

You might have to weed through the trust fund babies, golddiggers, go a little older and deal with more Alpha females to get the financially independant part TBH. These women are gonna $heit test the hell out of you because they literally "don't need a man to pay for their stuff". Better have a rock solid frame, because that woman you are after has options. What do YOU have to offer besides romantic evenings in the shop handing you tools?



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