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Don Juan
Apr 22, 2003
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I had a thing with a younger girl a couple of months ended by her for many reasons...I called her after like 3 months for the hell of it and left her a message on her answering machine...well she called me back within an hour but didnt leave a message...I called her back a week later and shot the breeze to no avail.....My question is why would she bother calling me back with no message on the machine when she could of just blew me off totally with the inital message from me???....I usually dont do this kind of thing call girls after the fact of the matter...but for some reason I felt the urge to do so...I guess you can say I was whipped on her whole being...convo,sex,looks,aura..etc...Whats your take on this?
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Master Don Juan
Apr 30, 2003
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u gotta love the younger girls but lets remember that they are younger so they are going to immature, they are going to do stupid things like call and not leave a message.

But i do not think that you are really mad bout her not leavin the message but mad about breakin up with her.

Which is aight b/c u did like her

but u r letting her win that game by gettin all hissy-pissy

dude this girl dumped u, So move on

Yea im sure shes a hottie and that she had a lot to offer but there are so many girls out there.

i had this younger girl in my life b4 and we were together for a while and yea i really liked it. FOR A WHILE

but then i broke it off with her

and then she kept calling and IM'ing me

it drove me nucking Futs

the worst part of it was she turned one of my best friends against me

i was so pissed and every time she talked to me i wanted to biatch her out so bad. and a couple of times i did. And i came off as the A-hole, when she really was the biatch(yea thats why i broke it off in the first place)

but then i jus stopped answerin the phone when she called and jus stopped answerin her IM;s.

i was still attracted to her, maybe even more than b4

so she went a way for a while

then bout 3 months later she came back

i told her nicely and simply that i didnt want her as part of my life and that i didnt want to talk to her again.

i said it honestly and nicely

she had a couple of remarks but i came off as the good guy

and life has gone on and i am happy

hope it helps


Master Don Juan
Dec 24, 2002
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Just don't ponder on the past and on the why's and the if's. As far as you are concerned this girl is history. She dumped you. She has probably been laid or has given head to a bunch of guys since you last talked to her. She probably returned your call out of curiosity, like if to say "why is this idiot calling me after I dumped him..." or maybe she didn't even know that you called unless you made it clear who you were if you left a message.

I suspect that she had you hooked on her looks, sex and you are having feelings of nostalgia. Don't be fooled.

Hate to break it to you, but that is the likely scenario. There are too many women out there to worry about this one. Just move on. I tell you from experience.