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Accidental Love vs. Planned

Poonani Maker

Master Don Juan
Apr 29, 2007
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Today it's all "accidental" in 95% of women's views or approaches. I'm reading "The Wealth and Poverty of Nations" by David Landes 1999, and halfway through he's talking about 1800s Ironmasters (you know the smelting of iron, wrought iron (for railroads), etc) and how almost Every son of wealth was marrying daughters of up n' coming Iron foundry owners (the Industrial Age). So commoners were now able to become aristocrats in France, Germany, England, America (though class really solely depended on riches in America). There were marriages in order to get access to capital or banks, to get access to knowledge of methods in iron-making. The British made the most things or inventions with iron then. France was over half a century behind (mainly due to the French Revolution which pretty much destroyed all progress - instability, the Royalists were overturned, land taken away, businesses bankrupted).

Anyway, these sons of wealth could not have ALL been "Alpha" or must-have 10s that we have to be today for the "Accidental" love women pursue or seek. These sons and daughters were married off in the flow of things purely on business adjoining of families and dinner table know-how sharing.

It was better to have your parents decide who you should/will marry. What we have now is a disaster, as things left to nature get eaten. Us former ape-men survived the lions, becoming predatory hunters organized working together, animal of choice being the meaty buffalo ancestor 2 million years ago. Nature may have failed with this experiment of humans. We made the weapon and improved it to the point of nukes. Our modus operandi is to fight for territory, but right now we Can't cause of this looming threat (so haze of despotism or dictatorship) hanging over us now. When we ever do break out of our dissuading conscience to war again (except against those without nukes), then we'll take the monkeys and the apes with us. Nature will have to start all over. There will be a evolutionary decision point for nature, either tomorrow, or in a couple years, or a decade, or 200 years.

We started our growth in brains with the use of weaponry. This started in the Pliocene period (severe drought across the planet). This ape-man Homo Hablis had canine teeth just like ours today 2 million years ago, so that proves weapons were already being used, because before we had weaponry, we had large canine teeth to kill with. If you look at your roots of your "wolf" teeth right now you'll see too much root for an oversized canine (from millions of years ago). Those teeth got smaller with the use of weaponry (originally a femur or half a jaw bone from antelopes n' such).