672 MB of Hubble's Wide View of the Evolving Universe


Master Don Juan
Nov 2, 2011
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You actually have to understand this to appreciate it. This imagine which is 672Mb in size and 25,500 x 25,500 in resolution is not just picture of universe going back to almost big bang, it is a snap shot of time. First you will see universe the way it is now, then you zoom in and will see universe the way it was several billion years ago, then zoom in more and see it even older. Galaxies as they evolve through time.

You can not open it in your browser, although it will let you do it, save it to your desktop: http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hvi/uploads/image_file/image_attachment/31683/STSCI-H-p1917a-f-25500x25500.png

This subject actually made me think of something. Space-time expansion. We are quite literally center of universe and the most now that we can observe. It is we who are accelerating through time, in other words notion that universe is expanding is just an assumption based on observation of past being red shifted, which in turn suggests that the now is accelerating. Since time was never thought to be capable of expanding or contracting, next best thing space was thought to be expanding. However, it is just as likely that time is not constant and changes over time.
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