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Nov 15, 2004
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When I showed up here, I never imagined I'd be writing this post. I didn't think I'd stick around after the first time I posted, because the regulars here gave me a hard time for how stupid and dumb I was. I don't even remember what I posted, but they sure made me feel like a piece of 5hit. I thought to myself, "Well, either I can run away from this message forum crying, or I could try and learn something from these a55holes." Needless to say, I stuck around and now I'm an a55hole myself. Don't believe me? Look at the 'Moderator' title under my username :D

I officially joined this forum on October 4, 2001 under a different username (which I had to change due to problems with online stalkers). I became a moderator on January 5, 2006. I lost my virginity (as an AFC) on my 20th birthday.

The Girl Who Drove Me Here

Before Sosuave, I thought of myself as happily engaged. She was my high school sweetheart, and I loved every inch of her. She was a bit psycho, but I figured that love would conquer all. With love in my heart and Disney philosophies in my head, I lovingly put up with her emotional outbursts, hurling objects, and the fact that my friends (and her family) thought she was totally fvcked in the head. I proposed to her when I was 20 (she was 17). We moved in together, and stayed together for about 3 1/2 years.

Near the end of the relationship, strange things were happening. She started staying out all night and into the next day until the mid-afternoon. No phone call, no explanation, nothing. She'd just show up and tell me that she forgot to call. Her taste in music changed from rock to top 100 pop. She quit saying "I Love You". I just wrote these things off as typical relationship problems. About two weeks after she quit telling me she loved me, she initiated the breakup. I sat on the floor of our apartment crying, screaming that nothing else would matter if she left, and I might as well quit my job since my life was completely pointless without her companionship. Yeah, total AFC behavior. I even went so far as spending the last five dollars to my name on a single rose and leaving it at her friend's apartment window where she was staying. I figured that displaying my love would get us through this problematic time, and romance was the key to winning her heart back.

I honestly didn't understand what happened. I was a good boyfriend, I did most of the housework, I took care of her, I reminded her to take her birth control, I stayed home from work when she was sick, and I never hit her no matter how badly she injured me in her sleep (she had bitten me and choked me while sleepwalking). Now, here I was, clueless as to how love had NOT conquered all, and wondering how I had failed in making our relationship work.

So onto the internet I went. I didn't have any idea how to meet and date women, let alone have a clue as to what had gone wrong in my relationship. I went onto Google and typed in "how to date women" which let me to a site called getgirls.com. My eyes started to become opened, and I read every dating tip posted on that site. In one of the moments where I forgot the site name, I did a google search for a phrase that I had seen repeatedly in some of the tips..... "Don Juan". Lo and behold, I ended up here. I had much, much more information to read.

Back then, there wasn't much forum activity. Nearly every post in the Tips forum was in the newly-created DJ Bible, so I sat and read everything posted in that forum. Within a couple of weeks, I started getting answers to my questions. Why did my relationship fail? Because I spoiled her, put her on a pedestal, gave into her every demand, never said 'no', apologized for everything I did (and didn't) do, and became boring.

Changing Myself

Changing my mindset and my habits from what I had learned during my lifetime was not easy. The kickstart for me was rebounding with a fattie for 3 days. On the third day, we were sitting in her bed and I was verbally putting myself down. After I had called myself a loser, she got aggravated and told me, "You're not a loser! You have a good job, you're good looking, and any woman would be lucky to have you!" Those words really hit me and made me think. After reflecting on what she told me, I decided she was right. So I dumped her.

It's been an uphill battle for me. During my entire life, I was always shy, quiet, intimidated by women, and had low self-esteem. Telling myself that I was a great man was difficult, but became much easier after I focused on my greatest qualities. My job WAS pretty decent, I wasn't fat, I considered myself talented, funny, intelligent, and I survived a pretty fvcked up childhood. Those were all great reasons to see myself in a more positive light.

Approaching women was difficult. A lot of times they'd approach me which I was very thankful for. I would try some of the stuff I'd read on sosuave and post about my experiences. The more knowledgeable members would tell me where I fvcked up, explain how I fvcked up, and give me examples of how I shouldn't fvck up. I endured a lot of rejection from women, watched them choose some other guy over me, and I had to learn that continuous practice out in the field was the ONLY way for me to become better with women.

My ex-finance's sister was still in contact with me. Since she thought I was a great guy, she took great pleasure in hooking me up with her single friends. She was a very indispensable source for new women, and I was able to successfully date everyone she hooked me up with. I learned what worked, and learned what my mistakes were (and I made a LOT of them). The women I dated generally wouldn't stick around for more than a month or two. In the year after my breakup with my fiancée, I more than made up for the lack of dating in my teen years.

During my learning period, I had become friends with a girl I had approached at the bar. She was smart, nerdy, and had a nice body. I didn't focus on her the whole night, but I frequently went to her table and conversed with her. When she had left the bar to take a bus home, I was kicking myself for not getting her number. I was ready to swallow another lost opportunity, but the friend I was with said, "Get your ass out there and offer her a ride home!" I figured it would look totally stupid to her, but giving this idea a shot was better than doing nothing. So, I hopped in my truck, drove to the bus stop, and she was still there.

I said, "You want a ride home?"
She replied, "I don't really know you."
I responded with "Well, I don't really know you either!"

After a slight hesitation, she climbed in and I drove her home. When we got to her place, I asked for a number exchange. She complied, and I went back to the bar to tell my friend what happened. "See! I told you!" he said proudly. I learned that it's better to risk looking like an a55hole than risk missing out on an opportunity.

I wasn't going to call her until the third day, just as I had read in the DJ Bible. To my surprise, she called me the next day. We became very good friends, and hung out often over the next nine months. I was still suffering emotionally from my breakup with my fiance, but she didn't seem to mind being my emotional tampon.

During this period, I had found myself a second job. I was using it to make a little extra money to pay off some debt, and found it a great way to work on my social skills since my other job didn't allow for that. I made many good friends, and I learned that amplifying the good traits of my personality drew people to me. Every time somebody new started, I initiated contact with them and gave them somebody to talk to. The high turnover rate from this job helped me break my fear of approaching.

I started dating another girl my ex's sister introduced to me. She was very boring, but at this point I was happy to be getting ANY new experience with women, so I put up with her talking about her stupid friends. I decided to keep my dating life private from the other women in my life. I didn't tell my female friend I was dating somebody.

My female friend also became a subject for experimentation. I became playful with her and initiated kino. I didn't expect it to go anywhere, so I just had fun with it. over time, I began noticing a change in her behavior toward me. She would find reasons for us to do things together, and she was phoning more.

I decided to take her out to my favorite hangout with me one Saturday night. When the song "Amazed" came on, she asked me to dance. I hated the fvcking song, but I went along with it. There are certain times when I'll chime into something that's going on, but continue to ignore it. I was getting a look from her that subconsciously told me that she's absolutely crazy about me. But again, she was just a female friend so I ignored it. When the night was over and I drove her home, she said, "when we were dancing, I felt the urge to kiss you... Can I kiss you?" I said nothing, took my glasses off, and put my lips on hers. After she went into the house, I bounced up and down with excitement. I was now dating two women at once! This was the moment where I knew I had succeeded in becoming a Don Juan.


Nov 15, 2004
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From that point, I started dating a lot of women. It got to a point where I didn't give a fvck about taking them out on dates. I'd make out with new women on the nights I met them. The thing about me is I wasn't horribly fussy. If they were at least remotely attractive in some way, I'd stick my tongue down their throat. Women who got turned down were the ones with kids. Since I didn't have kids, I decided that it really wasn't fair to have my schedule dictated by a woman's ability to secure a babysitter. The only exception was a smoking hot woman who was a crush of mine in high school.

She was sitting at a table with two friends. I decided to penetrate the group and take up an opportunity I missed out on seven years previous. I struck up a conversation with the ugliest bytch in the group while she was at the bar getting a beer. She invited me back to the table with her. I started conversing with the other chick as well, and ignored the hottie. She tried to get my attention by putting her feet on my seat, and I told her "Careful where you're putting those!"

Some 5hitty slow song came on and I grabbed her hand. "Come and dance!" She slightly hesitated, but followed. When we were done dancing, I reminded her of who I was. She remembered how 'sweet' I was when we waited for the bus together back in high school.

For the life of me, I can't remember how long we dated, but I felt I had vindicated my teen years after getting her into bed.

On one of the nights I was out with my high school crush, I had run into the woman who would become my wife. She wasn't incredibly hot, but her personality was a total blast! I kissed both of them that night, and ended up dumping my high school crush. My future wife was the most fun woman I had ever dated. She bought me stuff, she cooked for me, and she was able to make me laugh. While wedding plans were in the making, I posted this on sosuave:

I'll tell all of you right now, this is my final shot at marriage. I've tried going this route once before, and things ended up being a mess. This time I have a plan B. I know for damn sure I'll be able to deal with any losses or tragedies that occur if this should not work out. I'm willing to take the risk, and I know what can come about if this doesn't work. I may end up starting from scratch, but I've done it before, and I'm still alive.
We married after two years of being together. I thought it was a very nice wedding, lots of fun, and we even had enough money to go on a honeymoon.

Almost immediately after the wedding, things changed. She was never home, she didn't cook anymore, and I was left all alone, confused, hurt, and in disbelief. I tried telling her that I was lonely and wanted to spend time with her as my new wife, but she had so many other more important things to do. Arguments came about, but she insisted that I was the one with the problem. I felt like I had been duped into the marriage, and her mission to conquer and tame me was done. That may be all it was; a mission to win over all the other women who were interested in me (and there were a lot).

After six lonely years and one child, I ended it. The marriage itself was a huge blur since most of it consisted with me doing nothing but spending time on my hobbies.

Getting back out into the field was a challenge yet again. Being a parent and doing NOTHING with regards to seduction for six years left my skills rusty. Regardless, I was able to land myself three dates:

Woman #1: I met her through another female friend of mine. Smoking hot 8 (borderline 9). Very easily one of the hottest women I've ever dated. She was a fvcking psycho, but I didn't care. I DESERVED to be banging this super hot woman after missing out on so much.

Woman #2: I number-closed her at a thrift store. Solid 7 with long blond hair and blue eyes. I took her out on only one date. She's just a bit too flaky when it comes to responding to my messages. I still occasionally text her and tease her. She may lose the flakiness someday :)

Woman #3: I thought it would be interesting to return to my psycho ex-fiancée. She had contacted me after she heard from a family member that I had ended my marriage. I dated her mostly to prove to myself that women can forget how stupidly AFC you were at one point in your life and give you another shot. I took her out on one date and realized that I could never live with her flimsy personality ever again. I pissed her off over Facebook and we haven't spoken since.

There was one thing that took me by surprise when I got back into the dating world. After being in a relationship where I had been neglected for so long, I subconsciously starved for the attention of a woman. I was constantly fighting one-itis and trying to keep my emotions under control. Receiving the attention of a woman was like a drug. For the next two women that I dated for somewhat long periods of time, I found myself being extremely needy for their company even though I knew better.

After the second girl who was a beautiful religious fvcknut, I dated another batch of women. Due to most of them being disrespectful on the first date, I ditched them all except one and ended up in a LTR with her. I realized that this was something I needed to experience before I could move on in my single life with a level head. I needed to be brought back to psychological and emotional health by getting some steady and consistent attention from a woman.

And now, here I am today. I'm back out in the field again with my head on straight and my emotions in check. I've broken quite a few girls' hearts in the last year or so, but it's all part of finding a good woman.

Knowing and realizing that there are so many choices when it comes to women eliminates desperation. All AFCs seem to have this desperation and hopelessness when they're single, feeling like they will never get the woman they need. Those of us who have been on this site for quite some time know that there are plenty of options out there and all we have to do is get out there and take advantage of those opportunities. We aren't desperate because we KNOW that we WILL be able to find ourselves a woman when we desire to have one.

It's good to be a Don Juan.


Nov 15, 2004
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I'd like to to touch on some of the theories I've come up with, both based on what I've learned from reading posts, books, and my experience out in the field. I'm probably forgetting a ton of the core things I believe in, but this will at least scrape the surface.

Approach Anxiety

There's no better way to kill approach anxiety than to keep approaching over and over again. If you feel that women are intimidating superior creatures, keep this in mind: Women are just female humans. Other than the uterus and estrogen, there's nothing special about them.

The Approach

Approaching is one of the easiest things to do, if you actually work at it. Examine your surroundings, examine what the woman is doing, examine what she's wearing. You can easily come up with a comment about one of these three things. Approach and communicate your comment to her without saying hello.

You: Shopping for luggage?
Her: Yes
You: Going on a trip?
Her: Yes
You: Where are you headed?
Her: (goes into detail)

Easy stuff.

Building Rapport

I will freely admit that this is the part I have the most trouble with. I'm not a fantastic conversationalist. When I come across a woman who also isn't a great conversationalist, the whole thing dies very easily. However, If I start a conversation with a woman who loves to talk to ANYBODY, the whole thing goes very well and we feed off each other's conversation.

If this is the weakest part of your game, it can be built up with canned material. Mystery's solution to my problem is having a mental list of stories to tell. I've worked with this, and it's very effective in keeping the ball rolling when talking to women. It almost doesn't matter what you talk about, as long as she becomes comfortable chatting with you.


I will go out on a limb and say that Kino is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the game. Kino communicates to her that you're not interested in being a phone buddy, you're interested in her sexually. Always, always, always make an effort to touch the woman on the first meeting (the second meeting being the very latest). Here's some examples:

- Pat her on the shoulder while saying "Good for you" or "Congratulations"
- Pat her on the head jokingly while saying "You're such a good girrrrrll!!!"
- Touch a tattoo or piercing while commenting on it
- Pinch her cheek jokingly while saying "awww, you're so cuuuuute!"

How can you tell I use a lot of humorous sarcasm while interacting with a woman? :D

Feel free to make up your own excuses to get your hands on the her body.

Now, when the woman initiates *any* kind of Kino, it's a sign of interest. This could mean leaning her arm against yours for longer than one second, resting her leg against yours, etc. When she does this, DO NOT MOVE the body part she's touching! We've all been trained since childhood to avoid invading other people's personal space. When it comes to interacting with women you're attracted to, you WANT to be in her space. This is her way of inviting you into it, and shows that you're completely comfortable with her touch.

Getting the phone number
It's always simple and basic. I no longer carry a pen and paper like I did ten years ago. Everything is done with my phone. "You got text messaging? Here, put your number in my phone." Women are very open to giving out their phone number these days because of text messaging. Ten years ago, women were more hesitant in giving out their number because a persons phone number was viewed as personal and even private. Text messaging has turned the phone number into an invitation for more social interaction.

Sometimes, I'll get a woman to add herself to my Facebook. Facebook is fantastic because it opens a huge door, and allows you to get a good look at what she's like as a person. Women with tons of friends are attention wh0res. Women with tons of guy friends are just plain wh0res. Women who spend tons of time playing Farmville are video game addicts with no life. Explore her profile, look at her pictures, check out her friends, and read her status updates. You can easily filter out garbage by taking a few minutes to browse a woman's Facebook.

The paper and pen is outdated. Calling a woman to set up dates is outdated. Everyone uses text messaging, and I've had to learn how to use this new tool when it comes to seduction.

Text messaging can either be your greatest weapon, or it can be your worst enemy. If the woman you're texting with has 5hitty punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and an incredible desire to use Netspeak, messages will NOT come across clearly. This goes the same for those of you who use text messaging this way. You NEED to be clear in your text messages if you're going to use them for seduction. If she gets an unclear message from you, you will find yourself with a frustrated woman who has low IL. You NEED to analyze how both of you communicate through this medium and proceed with your gameplay accordingly. If even ONE of you cannot communicate effectively through text messaging, then you should be talking to her on the phone.

The First Date

The first date is the most important one. If she provides a last-minute opportunity to go out on your first date, take her up on it. This is a point where her interest level is very high, and you can elevate it even more by taking advantage of her high interest. If you turn her down and wait a week, chances are you will find her interest much lower and you may not end up securing a date.

While on the date, you need to get your message across loud and clear that you DO NOT want to be her friend. You need to let her know that you are interested in her sexually. Most important, you have to let her know this stuff WITHOUT saying it verbally. Again, Kino gives you a head start in this area.

You need to take the initiative and choose the date. If you let her do the choosing, you're either going to wait forever or it's going to be something boring. Women generally don't care what they do on a first date. They expect the man to take the initiative and give her a fun and exciting evening. If you take her to a movie, you're going to sit there doing nothing. If you take her out for coffee and talk about World of Warcraft, she's going to be bored. Take her somewhere where you can interact with each other. My personal favorite first date is glow-in-the-dark mini golf.

While you're on the date, you need to be the best person you can be. I'm not talking about having proper manners or opening doors, I'm talking about making your best qualities shine. If you're funny, let your sense of humor shine. If you like teaching things to people, show her how to do something fun and interesting. If you're a bodybuilder, take her for a piggyback ride. Use your best qualities to make the date interesting and fun.

At the end of the date, she is going to grade you. If the date sucked, you'll get a goodbye or maybe even a handshake. If the date was good, you'll get a hug or a kiss on the cheek. If the date was absolutely fantastic, you'll get a kiss on the lips.

The First Kiss

The first kiss should come naturally. If you've never kissed before, you'll need to learn. The only way to learn is to kiss women. Many women will kiss and touch you the way they want to be kissed and touched. Some women are awful kissers, but lots are passionate kissers. THESE are the women to learn from. Once you learn how to kiss, you'll be able to figure out how to lead the kiss. When you lead the kiss, you will be non-verbally telling her how to kiss YOU.

Some women will do other things during the kiss. They'll lick your lips, suck your tongue, and even bite a little. NEVER avoid doing this stuff, but embrace it. If she does something that you're not incredibly fond of, don't take it away from her completely. Let her know that you like it once in a while.

The First Fvck

There is no way to define the first fvck. It can go well or it can go awful. There's too many factors in having sex. She might not be wet enough (or at all), you may not be hard enough, she may be on her period, and the list goes on and on. The best thing you can do is focus on foreplay. Men see sex as penetrating the vagina. Women see sex in a much larger picture, consisting of foreplay, intercourse, and pillow-talk. Sometimes, they will add things onto sex such as a romantic dinner, a walk in the park, having fancy dessert, etc. If you can make the controllable elements of sex (foreplay, pillow-talk) fantastic, she will forgive you if the uncontrollable element (intercourse) is clumsy.

Continuous Sex

You cannot keep doing the same 5hit in the bedroom and expect her to enjoy it. You need to change things around. Change positions, make her orgasm x times (x can equal zero), make yourself ejaculate x times, hard, slow, soft, rough, bed, floor, table, couch, back of pickup-truck, etc etc. Alter the order you do things: eat her out then fvck her, suck on her t1ts then eat her out and NOT fvck her, fvck her then give her orgasm with fingers, etc etc. If you can change it up lots, she'll love you for it. Then, do the same thing three nights in a row just to keep her on her toes ;)

Women are very appreciative when you keep your hygiene top-notch. You may shave your genitals if you like. If you don't like the shaved feeling, a good, neat trim will do you well. Lots of nasty 5hit can live in pubic hair, so the less, the better. A supply of baby wipes will do well for last-minute clean-up. Wipe your ba11s, your c0ck, and your a55 before she comes over, and she'll be more than thrilled to stick her face between your legs. Women generally don't like going down on men because they don't take care of themselves. Be different and keep yourself sparkling clean.


Nov 15, 2004
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Getting Yourself Stuck In Her Head

Women love to obsess about things. The more you mess with her mind, the more she's going to think of you. Give her a hug and then pat her on the head like a dog and say "Good girl!!!" Start telling her something interesting and then tell her "I can't tell you the rest of that, it's really dirty" and DO NOT give in. Sending somewhat mixed signals and getting her to fill in the blanks will make her think about you. The more she thinks about you, the more she wants to find out about you, and the more she wants to be with you. THIS is what you want her doing. This is why it's not always bad to piss off a woman. If you occasionally don't phone her when you said you would, she will think about you. She'll worry about you. She'll obsess over why you haven't called her. Men call this behavior from women "ridiculous". Women call it "love".

The Emotional Rollercoaster

Men enjoy being happy most of the time. Women enjoy emotional fluctuation. Keeping a woman happy does not mean keeping her happy, it means making her feel strong emotions and emotional transition. Making a woman happy when she's sad will have more meaning than her actually being in a happy state. Pissing her off by being late for your date and then covering her in kisses when you show up will drive her wild. The stronger her emotions are and the quicker she transitions between them, the more she's going to love it, and the 'happier' she's going to be with you.


The foundation for you happiness should be based on yourself and your achievements. You should build you life on this foundation by setting goals for yourself.

Other people (women inclusive) should NOT be the foundation for your happiness. If you build your life solely on the dependence of being with a woman, your entire life is going to come crashing down if she happens to leave you. Women should be more like a brick in your structure. If the brick cracks and breaks in the life you're building, it can be repaired or replaced with little trouble.


There's no way to cover every aspect of relationships in one post, but I'll tell you all the things I'm certain of.

Sexual attraction is what ultimately leads to any kind of relationship, and LTRs are no exception. If you quit fvcking her, the relationship will die.

No relationship (short term, long term) can be based on romance. Romance is basically a spice you add to a relationship to make it more pleasing. Salt might make a slightly bland mean more tasty, but eating a plate full of salt is a turn-off.

Many men will try to fix a woman's bad behavior (guilt trips, pouting, nagging) by offering them money, jewelry, chocolate, flowers, and stuffed toys. All you're doing is rewarding her bad behavior. Would you reward your dog for 5hitting on the carpet?

In any relationship, you need to correct bad behavior immediately. If you don't, it will keep happening to a point where it becomes habit. You have to make it clear what you will not tolerate in the relationship in order for it to be successful.

A relationship is much like a house. You need to fix problems when they start or they're going to get worse and create other problems. Once the relationship is beyond repair, it's best to get rid of it and start fresh.


Completely your choice. All I can suggest is that if you decide to do it, do it only ONCE in your life. It's too expensive to get married AND divorced.

If I were to do it again, I would just throw a pseudo wedding. I'd invite my relatives and friends to celebrate our moving in together. We could have a friend perform the ceremony, she could wear a white dress, but there would be NO SIGNING of any legal papers.

Besides, the purpose of a wedding is solely the celebration. The laws are changing to make common-law marriage just as valid as traditional marriages. She can now take half (or all) your 5hit if she lives with you for more than six months.


Again, your choice. Marriage or living common-law can provide a stable environment for children. If you don't want that, perhaps it would be more preferable to adopt a child or become a "big brother".

For those of you who actually do have children, your main goal should be to raise a successfully independent human being. Independence is what every person needs to survive in life, and your child needs you to show them the way.


A lot of guys on here will tout the Pre-nuptual agreement. That piece of paper will do fvck all for you if you've been with the woman for a lengthy amount of time. When it comes to divorce, your goal should be getting a good separation agreement.

Whatever the bytch did to piss your off during the marriage, do NOT bring it up when the marriage ends. Give her some bull5hit answers like "we've grown apart" or "we're not compatible anymore". If she fvcked your best friend, bringing that up is only going to cause hostility, flaring tempers, resentment, and will negatively affect your ability to negotiate with the wh0re.

You need to sit down with her, list out everything that the both of you want when it comes to possessions and custody. Then, do up the legal documentation, sign it, get two witnesses to sign it, and make it final.

The worst part about any divorce is going to court to split up your 5hit. If you calm the fvck down, keep your emotions in check, and realize that it's not worth bringing these issues up in a dead relationship, you can avoid all the courtroom nonsense. Also, if she tries to come back at you later for half your 5hit, she cannot do it because you have signed documentation that she agreed to what you've already decided.

The actual divorce is the breaking of a legal contract. It has nothing to do with splitting your 5hit up. All you need are a signed set of divorce papers submitted to divorce court, and paying the accompanying fees. Lawyers and dividing assets are what makes divorce costly and traumatic.

Myths and Generalizations

Women will argue up and down that they're not all the same. And they're not. However, there are underlying natural instincts that women have that cause them to have very similar behaviors.

- All women are attracted to confident men
- All women will react positively to kino
- All women enjoy emotional fluctuation

NONE of these points are an exception to gay and bisexual women.

Unattractive women can be just as spoiled as attractive women. ALL women get spoiled to some degree as a result of desperate AFCs. Unattractive women do not generally have nicer personalities. The upbringing of the woman and the lessons she's learned over life will dictate her personality.

Fat women are extremely lazy with most things. If they can take two hours a day to make their face look nice, they SHOULD be able to do that with their bodies. Unfortunately, they don't because they're lazy.

Single women younger than 22 are immature, flaky, and in 'party mode'

Single women in their 30s will generally be looking for marriage, having children, and finding a quick fix to the results of bad decisions they made in their 20s.

The 'sweet spot' in a woman's age is between 22 and 28. They're finished with party mode, and their biological clock isn't ticking very loudly.

Older women do NOT fvck better due to experience. Women who genuinely want to please their men are the ones who fvck the best.


"If you love women, you must read the SoSuave Guide to Women. It's fantastic!"


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Nov 12, 2009
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This is a very good thread, I can understand where your coming from with improvements in such a short period of time Des.

I went from an AFC drinking and doing Xanax everynight, to being fu*ked over by my best friend and BPD ex GF to baning 2 chicks in a night, to 6 dates in a row to a LTR that i ended last night.

This post def hit home for me.

I would wish you luck bro, but I already know you dont need it and already got this in the bag.


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Nov 14, 2001
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at our house
kudos to you des! this is just the kind of thread that the forum has been needing!

The Experience

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Jun 16, 2010
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A mini guide for life. Superb.


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Dec 21, 2006
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Awesome thread! Don't frequent this place anymore, but after reading this thread I am glad I did.


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Mar 20, 2006
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The Bay
Hey Des this is your masterpiece. I like how you've taken 10 years of SS experience and condensed them into a really down-to-earth and interesting read. Lots of meaty nuggets to chew on here.

Man 10 years ago I was 30 and had no clue. I THOUGHT I was a natural! HA. I'm grateful for being part of this site for nearly 5 1/2 years.

Black Dog

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Mar 26, 2010
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Desdisnova I've seen your posts around here and assumed there was interesting history backing them...thanks for the wisdom! This is a great thread.


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Jul 30, 2006
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Seems just about everything is there, the whole progression from chump to champ.


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May 12, 2008
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Thank you very much for sharing this for us, it does show some good life lessons. One of my biggest fears is that I'll find a great girl which would do the all the right things, like your wife, but after marriage she would suddenly change.

Thinking back now, do you think there were any sings that she might change after marriage? Would there be anything else that you could look for to filter out women like her? I am hoping to learn some thing so that we may not repeat those mistakes, besides the obvious one of not getting married.